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May 30, 2014 08:02 AM

Peruvian Roast Chicken in Hartsdale

We have gotten takeout from Braza Roja on Central Ave. in Hartsdale (where Cari Blue used to be) several times now. The roast chickens have been fresh, juicy, and really nicely spiced. Marinated flank steak is also good. Both come with side dishes, which are fine, but I wish there were healthier options ( there are rice and beans, but mostly fried potatoes, yuca, plantains, etc., but I 'd prefer some vegetable choices). There are also a few fresh salad options. They do deliver within a few mile radius. I think they have limited seating inside, but it's more of a takeout than eat in place.

I really hope this place makes it, because it's one of the best takeout options around. Definitely preferable for me to the gloppy and sweet BBQ chicken takeout that is more prevalent in the area.

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  1. I've driven by Braza Roja a few times & wondered about it. Thanks for the review! Will definitely pull over and try it! :)

    1. I'm not familiar with Cari Blue. What is the new place near?

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        It's just north of the four corners, near where Cafe Azzurri used to be.

      2. We tried take out from Braza Roja last week. the chicken was nice and moist and had good flavor. The yucca fries and maduros traveled well and were quite good. We thought the black beans were kinda flavorless. Our only real complaint is that we ordered by phone and they said it would be ready in 20 mins, then when we got there 20 mins later, that is when they started preparing our sides (so it took 15 or so mins). Obviously the chicken is already ready so its just the sides. That said, we will be back - food was good and it is very convenient for us.

        1. I've gone here a few times and the chicken is consistently good.
          However, the sides are pretty small and not very memorable. And the service is pretty slow. I think that should improve over time.
          I would go more often if the sides were larger. Right now, if I order a whole chicken, the sides wouldn't cover more than 2 people. So I'd have to buy multiple extra sides and that isn't worth it.

          Also, is this place really Peruvian? For some reason I thought it was Brazilian. I've had other Peruvian food and it wasn't like this, but I'm no expert.

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            You are correct this is not Peruvian chicken..the owner explained to me where they are from and the style of chicken, of course I don't remember.