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May 30, 2014 07:47 AM

Jamming, canning and preserving 2014

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  1. Has anyone ordered the bulk pectin from I'd love to hear someone's experience with it before I buy it. The price is so much better than anywhere around here.

    1. I was just checking in to see if someone had started this year's canning thread and, low and behold, here it is!

      I haven't done anything yet, but it's been a cold spring here in the Midwest and everything is behind a typical schedule. I'm looking forward to the organic beets coming into the farmers market--plan on canning a few jars of pickled beets and onions (using a modified recipe from Robin Mather's The Feast Nearby--I double the brine, because I've run out in the past). And, while I was hoping to do LOTS of jars of peach salsa, apparently the peach trees have suffered a bit this year (in terms of less budding).

      Anyway, thanks jpr54_1! I'll be checking this thread periodically, both to report my progress and to get some inspiration!

      1. I don't do any canning but I have started getting into quick-pickling of various things. I just put some rhubarb in a quick pickle last night - apple cider vinegar, sweetener, salt, a little tarragon and some chiles de arbol. Looking forward to hearing what other Hounds are preserving!

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          You are just a small step away from canning pickles. Do it, you will never look back.

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            I tasted my rhubarb today, after 4 days in the fridge - delicious! The rhubarb is crisp-tender and tart-sweet-spicy. Yum!

            I put some radishes in a quick pickle last night - white vinegar, salt, a pinch of sugar, peppercorns and chiles. DH loves these and they're pretty much the only way I like to eat radishes. Anyone else have any interesting things they like to add to a basic pickled radish?

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              You should post about your quick pickles (including queries) on the June dish-of-the-month thread, biondanonima!

            2. We will be doing our first batch of canning this year over the weekend; strawberry jam.

              1. Hood River Strawberries are in season in the Northwest so I did my first canning this weekend - straight up Strawberry Jam using a low-sugar pectin.

                I'm debating getting more Hoods this weekend - I'd be freezing them for using later this summer with raspberries and blueberries but it seems like a such a waste to freeze such a fragile and wonderful berry.

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                  Frozen berries are fine for preserves or pies.