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May 30, 2014 07:38 AM

Capital, Blue Star, American, etc.. OR just go with residential - Help!!!

Hi - I need some help - I am renovating my kitchen and I want a professional range - has to be 30 " gas - I like the Capital Culinarian CGSR304 and the Capital Precision GSCR305. I also thought the Blue Star was great and the American and thermador - but are there any of these brands that have good reviews all the way around? I am hearing that they make popping noise, the doors don't open - is there a brand that is good and reliable? have good customer service - is there another brand I am missing that I should look at.... If not - what is the next best range to buy?

Thanks for anyone giving some advise or how you like any of the brands above or can suggest any - I am all ears.


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  1. They all seem to have their problems, much more info on the gardenweb forums. In particular Capital has some customer service problems, they won't overnight or two day ship parts, the local repair guys can be bad. Recent thread there with someone who bought an LP range and they sent a NG one and took a long time to correct the problem.
    I'd talk to local service companies, if there's no one good locally, the warranty won't be worth much.
    Wolf for all it's problems with the porcelain chipping at least has a good service reputation.
    I'm personally going with induction, most likely Miele and will install a big gas burner outside.

    1. We have the 30 inch Blue Star RNB and we love it. We've had it for 6 months now and have had no issues with popping. While we researched ranges we found that there are complaints about every company, we just found that there were fewer for Blue Star. Good luck with your decision. Jon

      1. I'd also check garden web for more info on these, but Capital and BlueStar were the two I was looking at. I went with BlueStar RNB and it is great. There are a lot more good reviews than bad ones for both products, but the bad ones seem to get a lot of attention, probably more than is deserved.

        1. Wolf has good service as long as you are within the warranty period and you need to read the warranty very carefully. They used to stand behind their products past the written warranty. The Wolf AG range does not have the blue enamel so does not have the chipping issue.
          Another line you might look at is the Big Chill ranges made by the company that makes BlueStar. They have sealed burners.

          1. Why do you want the professional model? What will you do with it that can't be done on a normal residential model?