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May 30, 2014 06:51 AM

London july 2014

Going to London, but this time not only for the food. I`ve got reservations at Hedone, St.John,The Shiori and Harewood Arms. I will try to get reservations for Sushi Tetsu in stead of Shiori. I chose Harewood Arms because they are open all day, and they are halfway from my hotel to a concert in Hammersmith Apollo.Hedone and >St.John are favorites I just want to visit again.

Im trying to avoid the most expensive places (hopefully not over 150 pr head), and I will only have dinners on this trip. I will be living in Southwark, and thinkin of having breakfast lunch at Borough Market and Maltby Street Market. Anyone got specific advices? Or other good breakfast places in Southwark.

Everytime Ive been in London I have eaten french, european or british. Im not too familiar with chinese and indian (and japanese) cuisine, but I want to give it a shot this time. Im considering Gymkhana, Trishna for indian, and A.Wong, and maybe HKK for Chinese.But are a little lost. i like ingredients driven restaurants, but have a hard time to pick.

Ive got two dinners "left", and Im also considering Zucca and Jose, since they are close to my hotel. Anyone been recently?

I like beer, and while being on Maltby St Market, Im planning on visiting Kernel and Partizan breweries. And I will also be visiting Cask Pub and kitchen. Any other beer tips?

At last; anyone have good ideas for late-night places which has good drinks, beers or wine. Not nightclubs, but open late.

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  1. If you can handle the short hop, you could always experiment with Indian breakfast at Dishoom

    London is very full of bars, You may want to specify what kind of thing you like, We have some pretty niche places these days or just the generic "suits all" type nightspots.

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      Im just lookin for a place which have a tought-out list of cocktails, wine or beer, and dont close at midnight..

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        The Hide on Bermondsey Street is pretty good for cocktails.

    2. For breakfast ,the bacon sandwiches at the Roast stall in Borough market are really good. I also like the coffee at Monmouth.
      I'm also not as familiar with Chinese food as other cuisines but really like Yipin China , especially the Hunan menu.

      For beer I'd suggest Bree Louise and Euston Tap near Euston Station and the Harp near Charing Cross.
      Right near Borough market is the Market Porter and the Rake.

      1. Paprikaboy is spot on with his recommendations - the Rake and the Harp are great pubs. Also check out Craft in Clerkenwell (related to Cask in Pimlico, I believe) and Earl of Essex in Islington/Angel.

        1. Borough Market:
          - borek at the borek stall
          - the grilled cheese at Kappacaesin
          - sausage rolls at Ginger Pig
          - chorizo sandwich at Brindisa
          - pasta at La Tua Pasta
          - sandwiches at Gastronomica
          - custard doughnuts at Bread Ahead
          - burger at Elliot's; they can be pretty good for breakfast too (I also avoid the long queues for coffee at Monmouth by going to Elliot's -- they use Square Mile Coffee, which I like a little more for espresso drinks) but for coffee you might be best off going to Blacksmiths, a little window at the top of Bermondsey Street.

          Maltby Street
          - Jamon iberico at Tozino
          - small plates and wine at 40 Maltby Street
          - made to order falafels at Hoxton Beach
          - smoked salmon at Hansen & Lydersen
          - (further out at the Spa Road cluster) Try Kernal Brewery for various beers.

          Jose is good but very cramped and hard to get in. Try Pizarro -- same chef, but 3 course dishes instead of tapas.

          Last time I was at Zucca was over a year ago, but it was downhill -- quality dropped, while prices went up.

          Casse-Croute on Bermondsey street is good for French. Further down on Tower Bridge Road, great Dongbei (and Dongbei-interpretations of Sichuan) at Crystal China. Great modern British at Magdalen on Tooley Street.

          You should also go for the Punjabi and Desi Chinese dishes at Truly Indian on Borough High Street near Borough Market.

          Enjoyed Maotai Kitchen very much in Chinatown - Guizhou and a mixture of Yunnan, Sichuan and Hunan dishes, pretty tame actually. Get the lotus root with cumin.

          If you do get into Sushi Tetsu, ask for the uni/ika sushi.

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            Elliot's is great at Borough - for food and coffee as Limster says. Haven't had it for a while but the ostrich steak ciabatta round the corner from Brindisa was my favourite lunch at borough.

            Magdalen is excellent, never heard a bad review of it.

            Garrison is a nice brunch venue on Bermondsey Street and I had a great squid ink gnocchi dish there about a year ago and the Woolpack is a nice drinking venue opposite particularly the garden when it's nice (can get crowded mid-evening).

            Jose is superb but as Limster says even at random times of day usually always rammed. My wife and friends went to Pizarro very recently and had a very very average meal.

          2. Another excellent place to consider in Southwark is Edwin's -- right next to Borough Tube station. Great rabbit with polenta, gnocchi with walnuts and peas and blue cheese, steak tartare, among other things.