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May 30, 2014 06:09 AM

Storing peppercorns

Just picked up a 1 lb bag of Tellicherry. That will last me a couple of years at least, so I'm wondering - should I refrigerate or freeze some, or will they keep indefinitely on the shelf?

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  1. StillTasty says they'll keep in the pantry for 4 Years!
    Keep in airtight container in the cool and dark. They do not recommend freezing at all.

    But that's not going to keep them at optimum potency, so I'd probably keep one year's supply in the pantry, and divide the rest up into six month's quantities, date the containers, and refrigerate each separately.

    1. As long as the peppercorns are not ground, they'll last for years in a kitchen cabinet.

      1. Some people even claim that peppercorns get better as they "age".

        I can't say that they do, but I store about a year's worth in my pantry, and have never been disappointed.

        1. Advice for any storage: Use a glass container, preferably with a metal lid, and fill it so there is little or no headroom (other than that necessary if you are freezing the food). Plastic containers and lids are gas-permeable; glass and metal are not.

          1. Dark, dry, cool Cabinet in an airtight Container