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May 30, 2014 02:15 AM

Florence - Il Santo Bevitore or Tre Soldi

I'll be passing through Florence to celebrate my birthday, which falls on a Sunday - Il Santo Bevitore or Tre Soldi seem to be my best options, based on previous advice on the boards about places that are open on Sunday evenings. Is anyone able to compare what they are like, so I can choose? It looks like Tre Soldi is more formal but I can't find much info about the atmosphere in the two or the menu at ISB.

I have another meal booked at Ristorante Ora D'Aria, for our second night in the city, later in the week. This is where I had wanted to go for my birthday so it will be a second celebration - lucky me! This means the meal on the Sunday needn't be particularly formal, just somewhere with good food and wine and where they will look after us.

Any advice about where we might get a cocktail or two, before either of the meals, would also be great!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Tre Soldi is good, but definitely a bit stiff and formal. Also, not right in the center, so it would mean a taxi ride.

    Santo Bevitore is a much livelier atmosphere, more informal and is a nice walk across the river.

    Since it's your bday, and celebrations are in order, you could go to SeSto first, for a drink, on top of the Westin Excelsior Hotel. Great drinks and even better view. I'm not sure, but maybe you could reserve a table at the bar. But if you go earliy enough you should be able to sit down. It's a great vibe and atmosophiere. Then a short walk to Santo Bevitore.

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      Thanks Elizabeth, that sounds perfect - I'd missed that Tre Soldi was not central. The bar you recommend and Santo Bevitore look to be very convenient to our hotel so should be perfect as we'll have been travelling much of the day, so short walks will be nice.

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        Elizabeth - I am so sorry for not updating this thread, I thought I'd done so while we were still in Florence in June but obviously not. We LOVED Il Santo Bevitore. We had drinks at Sesto and then walked over the river for fabulous food, really friendly service and a lovely buzzy vibe. It was the perfect recommendation.

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          Yay! Happy it worked out. And thanks for checking back in.
          And yes, Santo Bevitore is the perfect mix of fun atmosphere with great food.