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May 29, 2014 09:05 PM

Kauai Trip Report (March 2014)

I posted on the board in February looking for farmers markets and places to buy fresh produce and fish. I appreciated the responses and here's our updates.

We loved the Hanalei Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. We bought mixed greens, herbs, arugula from a local organic grower. They were very fresh and lasted a long time. Limes baby bananas and pineapple from another vendor. Fresh squeezed mixed juices and a salsa. Hard to find meat there.

For fresh fish, we purchased at Dolphins in Hanalei 3 days and 1 day at the Supermarket in Princeville. All excellent. Local pork we found at the Times supermarket in Hanalei. Found aloha spices and brought them home.

For wine, we purchased at Costco and the supermarket in Princeville. The wine store in Princeville had a decent selection but overpriced and the sales person was not knowledgeable at all.

We ate at the Tavern twice - once for dinner and once for lunch. Dinner not to missed. My husbands pineapple crisp ranks in one of his top 3 favorite restaurant desserts ever. Great salads and fish. Kids enjoyed their chicken. Very reasonable and could take the Westin shuttle there.

We enjoyed Merryman's upstairs but not our kids. Lovely sunset and good service. We also ate at Keioki's paradise while noisy was pleasantly surprised with the food quality. A nice short walk from the Sheraton Poipu too.

I also enjoyed the health store/café in Hanalei a couple of times while the boys liked the burger place in the park.

We also unexpectedly met Calgary friends in Costco and met up with them at Hukilau Lanai for dinner in Kaapa. It was busy there but pretty good food.

Overall, a lovely trip. We also tried quite a few coconut shrimp but missed supposedly the "best|" at the Shrimp Station. Our favourite was at Savage Shrimp.

Brunch at Gaylords was a bit of a disappointment for the price with such a lack of variety. Love the house and rum tasting but brunch is a miss in IMHO.

Appreciate all the help from my original post.

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  1. Aloha and mahalo for the trip report!

    I've seen friends at the Costco Lihue that!
    I really like Keoki's Paradise..we always sit at the outside bar area with the Koi pond and Aloha music and the happy hour deals are fab and my Kauai bruddha's rock on Ukulele, guitar.

    Haven't heard of Tavern but will check it out next time.
    How was the Princeville Westin Villas?


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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Aloha Beach Chick

      The Westin Villas were very nice similar to Westin villas in Maui but not as many complexes. I think the food is better at Maui. Good activities though yoga, zumba and aquasize to wear off the indulgences. off to Amsterdam and france soon so looking for chowhound recommendations.


    2. thanks for expanding my list of possibilities; I'm also adding:
      Casa di Amici
      2301 Nalo Road
      (in Poipu) near
      and hope to read posts before our next visit in 2015.

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      1. re: Cynsa

        Hi Cynsa - I would avoid Casa Di Amici. My husband and I tried it on our honeymoon. We never even ordered. The service was so strange and distracted, that we ended up leaving. That night we ended up at Keoki's and liked it very much.

        1. re: scarsdalesurprise

          thanks for the alert. We met Chef Randall the night before we left Kauai - too late for dinner - he said he had recently taken it back from the owners. hope he can mend this poor reputation for service.

          Next time, I will definitely add Keoki's for a reservation.