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May 29, 2014 05:33 PM

Good pizza Newton Wellesley area


Anyone know of good pizza in the Newton Wellesley area? TIA

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  1. It would be nice if there was beer or wine or a full bar. Thanks.

    1. Max & Leos, Washington St. Beer and wine served. Tiny place but the food is delicious.

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      1. re: Scruffy The Cat

        This was the recommendation I was coming to make. So, co-signed!

        1. re: QuakerInBoston

          Thirded. Leaving Max & Leo's behind is my biggest regret from moving to the North Shore.

          1. re: cjd260

            Fourthed! I really nice pizzas cooked in an amazing oven.

            1. re: lipoff

              A plus 1 for Max & Leos. Great job with their pies.

              1. re: lipoff

                Last night we ate at Max and Leo's, because of this board, and we were really delighted.
                Both lemon rosemary and (daily special) Chipotle wings were very flavorful, and moist inside, w/ blackened /crispy exterior. And it wasn't just a coating; they had obviously been marinated awhile. My only beef was ~ $10 for only 8 wings.

                Pizza was a treat. Crust crisp AND chewy; extra cost for house made mozzarella was well worth it; veggies roasted (Yay! never understood raw mushrooms); fresh chunky tomato sauce/not sugary and no herbs; good choice of toppings. Brie , Ms. Everything-Bartender, Server, was as nice as could be- and v smart as well; a hot ticket. Only 2 (3-top) tables;+ ~ 10 high chairs, incl bar. 2 TV's, Muted. Easy pkg at night on Wash. St. We'll def be back; yay Chowhound :-}

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  Glad you enjoyed it. Usually I'm of two minds about recommending hole-in-the-walls (holes-in-the-wall?) on Chowhound because I don't want them to get so crowded that you can't get in, but Max & Leo's frankly deserve every bit of success they can get, and even with the hype they already have, it's a cinch to get in at prime time on a weeknight. Easily my favorite pie in the Boston area, and they've been wonderful folks to hang around with waiting for and eating our pizzas as well.

                  1. re: cjd260

                    I forgot to mention one of my fav things about nax and leo's--the house made garlic oil and chili oil they give you as condiments-they really add a lot and were a whole new idea for me.

        2. Although not in Newton/Wellesley, pretty close is Charcoal Guido's on Moody Street in Waltham. We tried it a few weeks ago and were surprised at how good it was. Neapolitan style crust.

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          1. re: Bugsey34

            Agreed. I've had Charcoal Guido's a couple of times and really enjoyed it. The space is interesting as well. It was pretty empty while we were there, though.

            Max & Leo's is also excellent. The space is pretty small so it can be tough to get a table.

            The pizza at Fiorella's is more old-school. I'd like a little more salt, but it's a solid pie.

            1. re: bear

              Last night I went to Max & Leo's to try it mostly because of all the love it's gotten on this thread. It was good, though the crust was a bit overly burnt. In any case I would choose Charcoal Guido's in Waltham over this one, if distance is not too much of a factor. I put Charcoal Guido's up at Gran Gusto and Posto levels.

          2. North End Pizza in Wellesley/Lower Falls is very consistent and best pie in town!

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            1. re: sitelurker

              When you say "best pie in town" what town are you thinking of? Wellesley? Not exactly a lot of in-town competition!

              1. re: Blumie

                Seriously. Between Peter's Pizza, Upper Crust, Old School, CPK, Deluxe Pizza, Domino's and Nick's (did I miss any?) there is some pretty awful pizza in the Town of Wellesley especially given the quantity of pizza places for a town with not many food establishments. I've always hoped that a location of Sweet Tomato (or Max in Leo in my dreams) would open in Wellesley.

                1. re: Gordough

                  Well, Wellesleyites do have Sweet Tomato nearby, both in Newton and in Needham.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    But for those of us in the western part of town near the Natick/Weston line, a Sweet Tomato pie will not survive the 15+ minute trip (and that's with little traffic) from restaurant to home. Believe me, I have tried it.

                    1. re: Gordough

                      On the bright side, Max & Leo's is right on the Mass Pike a couple of exits away.

            2. Comella's a reputation for good inexpensive pizza