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May 29, 2014 04:28 PM

Any good restaurants in Monsey?

My out-of-town machatonim are coming to visit and we'll be going to Woodbury Commons on a weekday. I'd like to take them someplace to eat on the way back to NYC, and I thought Monsey might have some good options.
Are there any restaurants there? I don't want anything dressy or upscale - we'll all be tired from a day of shopping. On the other hand, I'd like something nicer than a pizza joint. A deli with tables, or something like that.
I'm also open to someplace besides Monsey that's on the way from Woodbury Commons to the Upper West Side.

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  1. What about in Teaneck? There are any number of good places, Smokey Joes, Noah's Ark, Rabica, Shelley's , Mocha Bleu, Sababa. What type of food would you like?

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      Meat, basic stuff would be best. Machcatonim are not Chowhound types, but do like good food, just nothing exotic.

    2. To answer your question--NO. There are no good restaurants in Monsey. If you absolutely have to be there--which it does not sound like you do-- then go to Purple Pear. It's the only one that is sort of acceptable, but it's dairy. If you want to actually enjoy your food and get what you pay for then take the thruway to the Palisades, get off exit 1 and take palisade ave to Hummus Elite (about 2/3 miles down that road). I've reviewed it here multiple times. Food is terrific and is meat, but has great fish too. Then go back onto the Palisades. You'll be just over the GW bridge. Head back to the city. It's a straight shot.

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        Sounds perfect. Thank you for the restaurant review and the driving directions.

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          I second that. Hummus Elite happens to be one of the restaurants that I really enjoy in the Teaneck area. The burgers are very good. The chumus is fresh and delicious . On the other hand, the kibbeh is filled with soy, ok if you are ok with that.

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            Hummus Elite is terrific. A very casual atmosphere, but in a nice, laid-back way, not a greasy spoon way. They are also BYOB, and there is a store directly across the street with kosher wine.

          2. I'm the OP. We did end up at Hummus Elite and it was very nice. We all had fish (salmon and tilapia), very fresh and tasty. The Israeli salad was quite excellent, surprising in such an ordinary dish.

            Thanks for the suggestion.