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May 29, 2014 03:54 PM

Funny focaccia experience at Whole Foods

So Mrs. W. asked me to pick up some focaccia to make panini with. I struck out at Wegmans, but knew that WF has focaccia. So today I went to the WF in Fair Lakes (Fairfax) VA to pick it up.

Was told at the bakery counter that they only had it on weekends. Ok, fine.

Walking down a bit to the food bar area, I noticed some sandwiches in the case on focaccia. I asked the lady if I could buy a whole one. She said, sure. Went in the back and got one for me. Was a little cool, but still fresh.

So there is your focaccia work-around for today!

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  1. I have encountered a similar problem with Whole Pay Check recently. Was told they only have Ciabatta bread on Thursday! WTF is this?? Only on Thursday!!! Really? So no one wants/buys Ciabatta on Monday?? Total nonsense!!
    I understand over producing and shrinkage in retail, but this is just stupid. Was up visiting my daughter a few weeks ago....on Thursday. Not the first loaf of Ciabatta. "So sorry, we forgot" ~ I call a district office to complain....they halfheartedly apologized. 3 hours later I get a call from some Ass-hat Team Leader (spare me please!!) they have now baked some off and I can get a loaf for FREE. Sure Ass-Hat Team Leader, I'm three hours down the road now. ~~~ Seriously, what is it with these people only having certain breads on certain days.
    Either you are in business or you're not. ~~ Load the damn wagon...don't worry about the mule!

    1. So, what is the
      Bread of the Day
      on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday?

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      1. re: Kris in Beijing

        If you're asking me, I don't have a clue...nor do I care. Usually there are several breads available....none of which interest me.