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May 29, 2014 02:44 PM

Where can you CURRENTLY buy raw goat's milk??

I am just about to give up.. I have called several places and it seems that almost all places listed in the previous chowhound article on this subject no longer carry goats milk.
I will admit that I am trying to find a place that is not quite as far as greenville which would make for like a 2 hour drive for me only in one direction.
I have a 1 year old baby that is starting on raw milks and I want to include goat's milk into her diet so please help me out as soon as possible. Unfortunately we also don't have a very big freezer to store the milk so that makes it even more complicated of a process by making us go every week to get a gallon.
Please help

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  1. Have you tried Natural Grocers at Preston Forest (S/W corner).

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    1. re: twinwillow

      Also, it's illegal to sell at farmers markets or any business as far as I am aware. When I contact these people I feel like a crackhead attempting to score drugs. One lady even went off on a rant about the government regulations for 5 minutes. She even offered to teach me how to milk but i have my hands full already with the kid so i'm not going to buy a goat for milking. I never thought this would be so difficult.
      Thanks for trying to help though I appreciate it. I have never been to Natural Grocers but i'm assuming they can't deal with it either.

      1. re: twinwillow

        Hidden Valley Farm and Dairy in Argyle, Tx.

        Some of the products available:

        Grade A Raw Goats Milk, raw milk yogurt and whey.
        Local raw unfiltered honey
        All natural pasture raised beef & pork & chicken
        Local farm fresh chicken & duck eggs
        Local roasted organic fair trade coffee
        Organic herbal teas
        Organic Texas produce
        Soaps, lotions and body sprays made from their own goats milk.

        1. re: HiddenValley

          incredible products.. I have not been yet but that all sounds great especially the organic herbal teas, i have not seen this at a farm before.
          Can you tell me the hours of operation?
          I suppose i could just look on website.

          1. re: HiddenValley

            I just had a good look at your incredible website. Looks like a little piece of heaven in North Texas.

            I'm going to bring a large cooler to stock up when I visit this fall.

        2. You might check out this website.

          We went to Latte Da Dairy's open house last weekend and I seem to remember they had some milk for sale. They seem to sell at Farmers markets and Scardello. You. Igbo be able to arrange it through them, or if there are others near you in Dallas you might be able to see some options. Not all the links still work, but I saw several that did.

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          1. re: vstock

            I really appreciate you trying to help but unfortunately I have already been using this list and everyone within an hour and a half drive from me no longer sells raw goat milk... I live an hour south of dallas, north of hillsboro.
            EVERY place i call says they no longer do it so now i'm wondering if the place in Greenville (2hrs away) even carries it, have not called them as of yet.
            FYI i can find raw cow's milk 40 minutes south of me in Abbott at Nor's Dairy.

            1. re: neiladammcginnis

              You are a very devoted parent. Good luck in your search.

              1. re: neiladammcginnis

                I assume you're referring to Rehoboth Ranch in Greenville. See this link to a post on their Facebook page: Look at the paragraph immediately under Tornado Recovery Report. This is a very recent update and It indicates that they're selling raw goat's milk. I would still call and verify before you decide to make such a long trip. The Hutchins family which operates Rehoboth Ranch is just a spectacular family who wholeheartedly believe in ranching the right way! We buy our chicken from them at the Coppell Farmers Market every Saturday.

                1. re: Carrollton Foodie

                  Thank you very much.. yea that seems accurate, i saw that tornado report as well.
                  Man that is a long drive from here but I guess I will have to make it, buy a bunch and freeze it. Sadly my freezer is tiny it won't even fit in there but I think i can store it at my dad's house.
                  This is the equivalent of me driving to Austin.. I have a sister in Austin i suppose I need to go see her and get it in that direction where there is good places to eat. I did have some ranch around Austin reply. At the moment i'm too broke for a trip to Austin where I will want to spend all my money on cocktails and food.

            2. Neil,

              Have you tried reaching out to goat cheese makers. I know they have to start with raw goats milk.

              I think Caprino Royale is probably the closest to you. You can tell them your plight and perhaps get info or even they might set some aside given your predicament.


              Also have you reached out to the folks at Burgundy Pasture Beef in Grandview? The Taggarts would at least know who has goats in the area.


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              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                I am giving it a shot now, can't hurt to try them. Thanks for the help

                1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                  Burgundy Pasture Beef led me to Utterly Divine Dairy where they apparently will sell you goat's milk but it's for research purposes only but evidently giving it to my baby is a good enough reason for them, i just have to fill out a form.
                  THANK YOU!!!

                  1. re: neiladammcginnis

                    scratch the word SELL i think they do not sell it they just give it to you or something? Seems very strange to me i'm used to paying for stuff so I have no idea how much they give me. Hopefully a gallon a week because that is how much the baby has been drinking. Also I think it's a ministry and i have the word Atheist tattoo'd on my arm so maybe i will wear my long sleeve shirt. lol

                    1. re: neiladammcginnis

                      UPDATE: They do not sell the milk yet they make it clear you should "donate" the price of the milk. Strange. It's a nice farm with healthy animals. Seems like a clever loophole.

                      1. re: neiladammcginnis

                        Good updates and glad you tracked down an option. Might not want to broadcast that loophole. I knew there was an option close by. Just for reference where abouts is Utterly Divine?

                        Also Neil whats the scoop on Fran's Fryers? Ever been? Do you know the folks who run the farm?

                        Fran’s Fryers Chickens are raised cage-free inside a barn in Milford, TX.

                        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                          Utterly Divine is @ 8377 E Fm 916, Grandview, TX 76050

                          I have surprisingly never even heard of Fran's Fryers but i'm going to look into it now for sure....
                          Have you tried to call them?

                          1. re: neiladammcginnis

                            No, I have not tried to call them. They sell their products at Homestead Farms in Keller which is closer to me. If I were going to barbecue a few birds or make large batches of any one chicken recipe and would require multiple birds then I would go visit their Milford operation. You would probably get a considerable cost savings if you make the effort to pick them up and need more than just one or two birds.

                            Eventually in the grand scheme of things I will visit them. I am pretty big on knowing where the products come from and all about the best flavor/quality of each ingredient. Plus it never hurts to know someone who humanely raises chickens...especially with the arsenic scare of late.

                            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                              well said, i must agree.
                              Evidently it's only 5 minutes from me and i had no idea and according to their website they deliver for free (with certain amount purchased) but I would like to check out the farm. Prices seem reasonable although it's basically standard that it's twice the price of walmart but much higher quality.

                              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                Ok i have talked to Frans Fryer's now... The Milford location is a processing facility so they don't actually house the chickens there, hence I will not be able to see the actual living conditions which is unfortunate and worrisome. I placed an order that they said I can pick up next Tuesday. For orders over $150 they deliver for $5, i'm told, but my order was only $50.
                                It sounds like they are doing most things right as far as avoiding chemicals and steroids but they do feed grain. I asked if the housing had windows because Tyson chicken farms don't even allow light into the housing. Frans claims they have plenty of light, fresh air and space to move around but without seeing a picture of the enclosure i suppose I am at their mercy. What exactly do they consider "plenty" of room? I'm not sure. lol. It also says they do use antibiotics on the chicks and i'm afraid that is probably because of their confinement and close quarters.
                                So clearly i'm torn although I decided to give them a chance and see if I can determine by looking at the dead chicken bodies whether they have any signs of ammoniated burns which occur due to poor living conditions.
                                Attached is a picture of what I am afraid this place could actually look like and the fact that they don't show any pictures only makes it more suspicious. If the enclosure is so nice why not show it to us?

                                1. re: neiladammcginnis

                                  I'm not sure how convenient the Dallas Farmers Market is to you, but Rehoboth Ranch (the same folks who sell goat milk at their ranch) is there on Saturdays selling chicken, pork, and beef (maybe eggs, too). Their stuff ain't cheap, but it's worth it. They're committed to raising and feeding their animals the right way, pastured, organic, etc. We've never bought anything that wasn't fabulous. I justify the cost of buying organic, local ingredients by not wasting anything. I collect meat carcasses, skins, etc., and veggie trimmings in bags in the freezer for making stock/broth. The more I learn, the more important it is to me to buy from local/organic suppliers whom I know. Cooking with quality ingredients is an investment in our long-term health. I'd rather pay our dedicated local farmers and ranchers than pay the doctor!

                                  1. re: Carrollton Foodie

                                    Yea you are right. I think i've seen them at the farmers markets before. I am in dallas every weekend for groceries and my mom lives up there. But the grass fed beef prices i have seen make me want to become a vegetarian! lol
                                    I know it is worth it but I don't make a whole lot of money. I am gravitating towards that sort of food though because I watch alot of documentaries about food production which are disturbing, needless to say.
                                    That is the reason i was considering chicken since it is usually cheaper. Do you know what their chicken prices are? I guess i can google it and check on that.

                                    1. re: neiladammcginnis

                                      Here's a link to their online preorder page, which shows prices:

                                      It is expensive and a commitment, no question. We've definitely reduced our portion sizes of meats and increased the amount of veggies we eat, which is probably healthier anyway. I've been buying all of our meat and poultry from Rehoboth Ranch and Livestock First Ranch at the Coppell Farmers Market for months now, so I'm not too current on what pastured, organic stuff costs at, say, Whole Foods, but I'm guessing these prices are competitive.

                                      Like you, I've seen so many documentaries and read so much Michael Pollan, etc., that I'd rather not eat meat and poultry at all than to eat factory farmed feed lot stuff or feed it to my loved ones. It was so much easier back when I was blissfully ignorant :)

                            2. re: LewisvilleHounder

                              frans fryers almost looks too good to be true.. prices seem pretty reasonable. i have not called to actually talk to them just looking at their website I did not know anyone from milford had website that was worth a crap.

                              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                My friend who used to live in Milford was under the impression that Fran's Fryers are not much better than walmart... I just talked to him about this. I just saw some other people online saying it's only slightly better than walmart.

                                I'm not sure how much he actually knows about it. But I have seen the documentaries where the chickens are not technically in a cage but they are packed together so tight that it's unsanitary and sad. It makes me wonder if that's the case at this place... Bummer now i realize why it seemed too good to be true.
                                According to them they don't use all the chemicals i'm trying to avoid but they must be feeding all grain diet since they are indoors.

                                1. re: neiladammcginnis

                                  The day I bought the chicken at Homestead Farms, they were very busy in the store and I picked up a frozen package of chicken as an afterthought. I was under the impression it was chicken raised on their farm, but maybe it was Frans.

                                  It actually had color rather than being anemically pale, pieces were small and very tender by comparison to grocery store chicken. Best of all - it had flavor, reminding me of flavors from grandmother's Sunday chicken dinners. But to compare to WM chicken, I've never bought chicken there.

                      2. Homestead Farms in Keller is the answer and is closer than Greenville -

                        Their farm raised pork and chicken shouldn't be ignored either!

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                        1. re: CocoaNut

                          That sounds familiar like maybe I called them and they said they no longer do it but I could be completely wrong about that. I called like 4 places that said they don't do it anymore but can't remember which ones they were. lol
                          Will keep that in mind, that's for the help. I "starred" it on google maps so I won't forget that one. I also found that World Hunger Relief sells raw goat milk close to Waco which is about 45 minutes from my house so now i have a few good sources.

                          1. re: neiladammcginnis

                            Good! It's always nice to have a couple of sources. I was just there last week and their case was well stocked. Per the website looks like there's times when they don't have it. Not sure if it's seasonal or according to rain/pasture grazing availability. Glad you found a closer place.

                            1. re: CocoaNut

                              Thanks again.
                              That goat milk looks pretty good i'm thinking of making some cheese too.. you ever do that? I haven't just wondering if it's worth the effort. I have some cheesecloth.

                              1. re: neiladammcginnis

                                FWIW, you're free to roam about the property at your leisure while visiting the little store at Homestead. If you have young kiddos, it'd be a little farm lesson for them to see he goats, pigs and chickens. Behind the store, they have a picnic table in a very no-frills area, if you want to bring a lunch. If you have paper grocery bags or empty egg cartons hanging around, they are always in need of those.

                                And if you have cheesecloth, you're ahead of me on the cheese making process! ;)

                        2. I know of a place, but pick up is north of you. Let me know if you are still looking.

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                          1. re: sarahintexas

                            how far north? I have a place i am currently getting it from but they are not 100% guaranteed to always have in stock so i would love to have another source. I go to Dallas once a week but I usually don't drive any farther than Plano because it's a long drive there and back.

                            1. re: neiladammcginnis

                              There are pick up locations in Mansfield and Burleson. It is a co op, every other Saturday morning. Search for ROCK coop on Facebook. I have been so pleased with the products, particularly the meat and eggs.

                              1. re: sarahintexas

                                Thank you, I will certainly look into that