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May 29, 2014 01:19 PM

Pearl and Ash

Pre-anniversary dinner there tomorrow night. Anyone been recently - tips on menu items to try? Going with another couple, so I feel like we'll be able to cover the menu pretty well

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  1. Went about a month or two ago. The menu's not that lengthy, so my group of 6 pretty much covered everything. Must orders (in my opinion, anyway):

    - The Octopus! (Executed to perfection, seasoned well and spicy, and paired with a sunflower seed paste)
    - Poached Egg (served with kale, walnuts, and onion)
    - Short Rib
    - Lamb Belly
    - Shrimp (I only tried a bite, but it was very fresh and served with jicama and fennel)

    I'm not sure how often the menu changes (so these may or may not still be offered), but most of what I tried I was enjoyed. Have a good dinner!

    1. I would also add the meatballs, if they have them - come 4 to an order. So good.