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May 29, 2014 11:36 AM

Is Koreana Plaza Market worth a visit?

I am coming to Sacramento from the East Coast and will have a little downtime away from work during my trip. I read somewhere about Koreana Plaza Market and thought it might be a fun place to visit. I have H Mart and Mitsuwa fairly close to me and I went to Buford Highway Farmers Market when I was visiting Atlanta. That was amazing. I would be taking public transportation to the market and I'm okay with that -- except for the time it will take.

How is the market?

Any other place I should go instead or along with?

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  1. It's a large Korean market selling some Korean specialties, plus some Korean fast food stalls. I like it. You can take light rail there. It's a fun place to walk around and perhaps have Korean lunch too.

    1. +1 on it being a good place to visit, they also have Russian, Mexican and Mediterranean food there too. It is my favorite source for herring and polmeny.

      1. How long are you in town?

        I personally would not shop there, its buyer beware there. But they do have tons of selection and its HUGE!

        If you're still around by Sunday, visit the Farmer's Market in downtown. The Asian section down the block is def worth the trip.

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            Unfortunately I won't be in town on Sunday. I'll be arriving on Tuesday and leaving on Saturday. I will be at the Sacramento Conference Center for much of the time. Is there anything interesting in that area?