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May 29, 2014 08:48 AM

Restaurant recs for Dennisport, Yarmouth & Harwich?

Family vacation in Dennisport middle of next month. We've been there over the years, but always looking for recs. Thoughts on Yarmouth House, Red Face Jack's Pub, The Oyster Co., Skipper, Black Sheep Bah & Grill? Anywhere else we should go? Definitely want 1 good lobstuh dinnah.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The only one on that list that doesn't totally suck is Oyster Co. I've heard some people get decent meals on occasion at The Skipper also, but that hasn't been my experience. Sadly, the mid Cape has some extraordinarily dreadful family style restaurants, and you've named a few of them. One positive I guess, is they aren't chain food, but at least the chains are generally consistent. If you like basic pub food, try British Beer Co. Family friendly Italian? Columbo's perhaps. Breakfast? Keltic Kitchen, After that, on the south side of the mid Cape? I got nuthin'!

      1. Pizza Barbone, 4 seasons, Girardi's . Barbone is in Hyannis and close to the other Hyannis recommends by CCG. The other 2 are on RT28 in Yarmouth.
        Skipper has decent food, great view and a wholesome ice cream stand.

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          Not sure if any of those are suitable for family dining. I loved Four Seasons until my last two visits. Serious downhill alert. Never a fan of Girardi's, but it would appear they have elevated their game from recent reports. My personal past experiences have been overly sauced dishes with cheap boxed pasta.May be worth a shot. Although Barbone puts out an excellent product, a family of 5 needs to expect to put out $150 and up for a dinner of pizza and salad, so it's hard to rec that to the typical visiting family.

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            I've done Oyster Company, 4 Seasons, Girardi's, and Barbone all with kids. Oyster Company company definitley has a children's menu. I think 4 Seasons does too. Girardi's doesn't but will make a bowl of pasta plus they have standard items like chicken parm. As CCG noted, 4 Season's and Girardi's aren't fine dining, but will make due with kids if you want red sauce.
            For Barbone, I could not recommend it more for Neopolitan pizzas. Simply great quality. You will pay $12 - $15+ for a personal sized pizza depending on the topings ordered, but the quality ingredients and preparation are totally worith it in my experience. Some creative salads and appetizers too (get the aranchini (risotto balls) if available!)

        2. I like the Oyster Company, but it's small and you need reservations. The Skipper is my favorite place for fried seafood because of the view from the deck. Most of the family places are average at best, and loud. As far as lobster is concerned, most fish markets will cook them for you to bring home.

          1. To be honest of the places you listed I would go with the Skipper. If you stick to the basics the food is reasonable, and view is nice with beach/playground right across the street along with the ice cream window, a good setup for kids if you finish dinner a little early.

            Yarmouth House has an extensive menu but none of it is that great, you can get a decent lobster but nothing special.

            We went to 4 Seasons last year and it was good, you can definitely bring kids. That would be too bad if it has gone downhill.

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              Went to Yarmouth House over the winter. Nothing special, funny lounge lizard piano guy though.
              We saw no less that 3 employees, including our dinner server carrying dirty glassware with 4 fingers inside.

              1. re: trufflehound

                The kitchen there is reputed to me among the dirtiest found on the Cape. And this is from both employees and suppliers. I would never eat anything that comes out f it.