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Nov 26, 2004 10:08 AM


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Simple question: what are favourite burger joints? Please note the following though:

- No fastfood chains please. Mom-and-pop restaurants only.

- We all know that La Paryse, L'Anecdote and Dic Ann's have great burgers, so please suggest other places.

- I don't want to spend $20 for a foie gras burger in a trendy restaurant downtown.

- Send me to Montreal-Nord, Ville St-Laurent, Laval, Hochelaga, it doesn't matter.

My recommendation is the following: L'Estaminet, 1340 Fleury Est. It's a small Frenchy café on a very nice part of Fleury (in Ahuntsic, metro Henri-Bourassa). They don't specialize in burgers per se, but they're definitely worth it. Made with very fresh ingredients and not greasy at all. Plus, the restaurant recently became non-smoking. Service can be cold though.

So, let's hear from you now.

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  1. First off, I know Dic Ann's has a lot of fans, but I really can't consider that a burger. It's good for what it is, but it's not a hamburger. It's something of an hors d'oeuvre, and an expensive one at that. For 50 cents you can get a steamie, and you're getting about the same amount of food that you get with a Dic Ann's burger for like 2 bucks. I don't hate Dic Ann's but I just think it's a bit overrated.

    Regarding good burgers, unfortunately I as well have had trouble finding a really good place in montreal. Mr. Steer on St-Catherine, right smack between two strip clubs, roughly around Peel Street if I'm not mistaken, was voted the best burger in Montreal by the Gazette a few years ago, and the burgers aren't bad. They've got a huge selection of them, and they even have a "healthy" burger that's made with two slices of Melba Toast and Cottage Cheese! Needless to say I haven't tried it, but I just might one of these days because it's so damn weird.
    However, I can't say that the burgers are phenomenal, they're kinda like round meatballs that sit weirdly on the bun, but it's worth a visit. The atmosphere is nice, it's really long and thin, so it feels kind of bizarre inside, and I definitely would drop by if I was in the area and had a hankering for a fairly good burger.
    As for great burgers...well, I'm at a loss as well. Montreal doesn't do too well with them. Places like La Belle Province and Lafleurs serve up rigid, boring concoctions, WAIT! Of course, I forgot Dilallo Burger!
    It's a small montreal chain, and you see them here and there. The most accesible one on the island is near the Atwater Market, can't remember exactly where, but it's called Chez Meloche Dilallo Burger. I enjoyed that burger very much. It's kind of crumbly, with interesting spicing, almost sweet like a tourtiere. The burgers come on a nicely soft bun that envelops the meat, and they're substantial and not that expensive. That would be the place I'd go.

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    1. re: Liam

      Mr Steer has the stange meatball like burgers but they are quite good, and at lunch time your burger is ready in 1-2 minutes, very fast service.

      1. re: Boston

        Mr. Steer is quite good, and it's something of a Montreal institution.

        There is a restaurant across from the Vendome Metro station, corner of DeMaisonneuve and Marlowe(?) in NDG, that bills itself as having the biggest burger in town.

        Their hamburger is unique, in that it has a Middle Eastern flair. The pattie has a very large circumference and is not especially thick, and it is on an equally wide-yet-thin bun.

        Anyhow, it's very tasty, and the value is excellent. The restaurant itself is tiny. Sorry that I can't recall the name at the moment...

        1. re: Gordero

          It's called COPOLI. Also has decent breakfast.

          1. re: Christine

            Copoli also has a restaurant on Ste. Catherine, in Westmount, about two blocks west of Redfern. It's actually quite a charming little neighbourhood restaurant because the furnishings are original from the 1930s or 40s.

            I've had that burger a few times. It is VERY thin, and has an eight-inch diameter. It's a tasty sandwich, but doesn't give you that "urmph!" that you want from a meaty burger. A nice novelty though.

            1. re: blork

              Also grand is patati patata, on st. laurent and rachel. it's a tiny little place and you can get a burger, fries and salad for 5 bucks! it's amazing and just the right amount of food, all cooked up right before your eyes. the burgers are small though. they also have tofu burgers for those eating with vegetarians.

              1. re: sarah

                What about La Paryse(302 Ontario E)? I heard they had good burgers.

                1. re: Pif Gadget

                  I am surprised no one has mentioned L'Anecdote (801 Rachel east, corner St. Hubert).

                  This is a small diner in the Mont-Royal area with the best burgers in town bar none.

                  Everything about this burger is fresh, from the ingredients to the preparation. A regular burger will run you back about $5, and the twin (Grand) about $7. Fries are not included, but can be ordered separately with a variety of dips. They also cook a mean poutine.

                  The place is crawling with regulars and burger aficionado’s.

                  Give it a shot you will not regret it.

                  Give it a shot and you will not be dissapointed.

                  1. re: O.M.
                    Justin Cooper

                    I love the burgers at Chien Chaud Victoire in the financial district (I think it's on Beaver Hall), one of the world's great low-brow eateries. I always get a cheeseburger and a spruce beer.

                2. re: sarah

                  Bah, Patati patata is nothing special. The burgers are indeed tiny, with a 99cents for 6 hamburger buns. Actually, they look like White Castle burgers with fresh vegetables :D

                  The fries are good and they take good care in having fresh good, but that's definitely not enough to bring me back to that place again.

            2. re: Gordero

              I love Capoli Burgers! They are my favorite burger in town. A unique taste, friendly service. A small restaurant but there is a small back room that is very nice for a family to enjoy a more intimate meal. This is the restaurant across from Vendome Metro on Marlowe.

          2. re: Liam

            That Dilallo burger place is on Notre Dame, a couple of blocks EAST of Atwater. I've seen it a bunch of times but have never tried it. I recently tried DicAnns for the first time after hearing about it for years. It's an odd thing -- like a little tiny sloppy joe. Not really a burger, but I can see why people like it.

            Personally, I prefer my burgers to be simple -- no fancy-ass stuff that just ends up as a clotted mass in your hand. I want good quality beef cooked right, on a simple bun with some mustard and pickles.

            I found that at Mr. Steer, and wrote about it on my blog last year:

            The beef there is great (get it medium or medium-well at most, never "well-done"). The bun is a bit of a disappointment, but it gets the job done (it's essentially an edible napkin). The main thing about Mr. Steer is the crazy retro atmosphere...


            1. re: Liam

              Dilallo burgers are very good(your description of their burgers could not be said better). The Dilallo burger location with the most history, is the one in Ville Emard on Allard Street(although it's not the original location(the original doesn't exist anymore)). However the Chez Meloche Dilallo burger location that you mention here, also has a long history, & their burgers are just as good. Dilallo celebrated their 75th anniversary this year.

              Also agree with the people who like the burgers at Mr. Steer. Just please don't get their burgers beyond medium(that goes for all burgers). Need to try the bison burgers at McKibbins Pub.

            2. The one thing I look for is a FRESH and not frozen pre-fab product. The more cowlike the better, IMO. That said, the Claremont (Sherbrooke/Claremont) has an excellent burger, the best one being bacon and swiss... All served with fresh lettuce, tomato, and red onion, and your choice of fries or salad. The green salad is great and the fries are even better, homemade and julienne-style.

              (Not to mention their good assortment of beer on tap.)

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              1. re: Christine

                I'm not sure Claremont is using fresh beef in their burgers any more. I was there yesterday for lunch, and both the bison and beef burgers had the suspiciously uniform puck-like shape of a pre-made frozen burger, and were much smaller than I would have expected for the price ($13 with fries and salad, but not too much of either). After we placed our order the server told us that they were shortstaffed and the wait would be longer than usual, and the burgers, ordered medium well done, came out bright pink in the middle. Maybe we caught them on an off day, but I would not go back there for the burgers.

              2. Ohhh I forgot another one, "ye Old Orchard Pub" on Monkland, corner Old Orchard has a FABULOUS house burger topped with bacon, jalapenos and fromage. Like the Claremont one, it's served on a Kaiser which I personally prefer when we're talking REAL burgers. Homemede fries to boot, plus a small salad, and... yes, more GOOD beer! :)

                Highly recommended.

                1. Try the bison burgers at McKibbins, they are amazing.

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                  1. re: Geoff

                    A big second to this one. Order them medium-rare or medium (never well done!) since bison meat cooks a little differently from beef.

                  2. I agree that Claremont has good burgers - another of my favourites is L'Avenue on Mount Royal east - I can't believe no one's mentioned it yet.