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May 28, 2014 08:33 PM

Eloping with a picky eater. Reccomendations?

Hey there!

We're Canadians headed down to New Orleans for a courthouse wedding in November and looking for a little local guidance so we can make post-wedding reservations. We'll have a few guests, total head count between 8-10 people. New Orleans virgins, so we have no insight. HELP!

I'm an adventurous eater, looking forward to sinking my teeth into just about anything in NOLA. Fiance eats like a really tall 6-year-old (chicken fingers, pizza, burgers etc) though I'm sure he can handle roasted chicken/potatoes/pasta. We will also have our 2 year old in tow. Looking for something nice, nothing too upscale but not too casual, that will somehow cater to both of our tastes. Although it is our wedding day, with the in-laws and our toddler as our guests it doesn't have to be romantic. My initial thought was to plan for dinner at EAT, but their website says they don't do private parties. Any suggestions? We'll be staying in the French Quarter so something relatively close would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Take a cab from the FQ down Canal Street and try Toups Meatery on Carrollton. Accessible food but with enough creativity to suit your tastes. Love the place...

    1. My first thought is Galatoire's. Let it be known that you are celebrating your nuptials and the whole room will celebrate with you and raucously.

      1. >>> We will also have our 2 year old in tow . . . <<<

        Well, I guess it's too late to trade him in for the "More Adventurous Eater" model, then. ;^)

        I agree -- my first thought was Galatoire's, too! Great food, certainly do-able for both you and your newly-minted husband, and it will be a HUGE celebration with the entire room participating . . . it's in the Quarter, too!

        I'm not sure about the chicken fingers, but Domenica certainly has the pizza -- and other foods, too, for all three of you (plus your guests). It's 1.5 blocks *outside* the Quarter, inside The Roosevelt Hotel (entrance from the lobby or the street).

        You could also check out SoBou -- burgers for him, more adventurous dishes for you, plus GREAT cocktails!

        One more thought about the burger aspect: you could check out The American Sector restaurant located at the National World War II Museum -- you can get into the restaurant without paint to get into the museum, but that happens to be excellent as well! It's a throwback to a 1940s diner in concept with very good food.

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          Small heads up: the Besh group will no longer be running the American Sector come the end of next month. Some details here:

        2. We love to go to EAT. Depending on the day of the week, I think the guys will work with you. Give them a call. Ten people will just about fill up the back room. We have reserved that table many a time. It will not be private, but you will have good food and the ability to bring in
          your own alcohol and/or wine and champagne.