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May 28, 2014 07:41 PM

GROUP OF 10 Teachers seeking dinner/lunch in Upper East Side/Lower East Side

A large group of teachers 30-70 yrs old (one vegetarian) seeking good spots for good eats and conversation (not too loud)
1) near wall st (9/11 Museum) (lunch)
2) near Tenement Museum (lunch)
3) Upper East Side (dinner spot)

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  1. What's your budget per person before tax, tip, alcohol? Many restaurants will try to impose a prix fixe on a group your size.

    When is this visit to NYC? This week? Next? What day of the week? I assume you'll want to make a reservation ahead of time.

    The 9/11 Museum is not immediately by Wall St and there's a lack of good eats in the surrounding area but if you're willing to walk a bit, you'll have more options.

    Also, saying UES is pretty vague. The neighborhood is quite large. Any particular intersection or area? Is it the East 60s, or 70s, or 80s, etc?! Are you going to a museum like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney, Guggenheim, etc?

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    1. Where to Eat Near the 9/11 Memorial:

      We like North End Grill and have not had noise problems there.

      Where to Eat near the Tenement Museum:

      I'd also check out the newly opened Russ & Daughters cafe if it fits into the budget. A lot of LES history at R&D.

      Where to Eat Near Museum Mile (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney, Guggenheim, etc) on the UES:

      1. No budget for teachers? Im shocked. Also assume you will all ask for seperate checks?

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        1. re: princeofpork3

          princeofpork3: never assume anything

          btw...the correct spelling is 'separate'

          1. re: pbjluver

            Spoken like a true teacher. I love it!!

            1. re: princeofpork3

              I'm not a teacher...but I am a spelling and grammar fanatic.

        2. Lunch near Wall St has nothing really great, but if you are looking for lunch after the Museum it may make sense to head into Chinatown or Tribeca

          Near the Tenemant museum there are several great options.. Russ and Daughters Cafe is high on the list... so is Katz's There was a great article in yesterdays NY Times on some of the stuff there abouts

          For Upper East Side, my first thought for a large group looking for a pleasant atmosphere for dinner is Atlantic Grill (in the 70's) There are a lot of choices ... give us some food preferences

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          1. re: dyrewolf

            Or for Mexican, Canyon road a block away from Atlantic grill. They have a corner that use for a larger party. should meet your dietary needs, location and $$

            1. re: PHREDDY

              Canyon Road is on First Ave.

              Atlantic Grill on Third Ave.

              1. re: pbjluver

                Corrected, what was I thinking? I only lived around the corner for 3 years.

          2. UES - I would suggest either El (Porron for Spanish Tapas, nice ambiance and can handle a crowd your size. Also, there is Maya ( for mexican...good food, a fun place, but can get noisy. Similar location.