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May 28, 2014 06:43 PM

World Cup Trip to Brazil

Hey there hounds. Myself and three friends are heading to Brazil for 2 weeks to enjoy some soccer, drinks and Brazilian food during the WC. Spending 1 week in Recife and 1 week in Fortaleza. Looking for 2-3 can't miss restaurants and 2-3 bars we should check out. Staying in Praia Iracema in Fortaleza and Boa Viagem in Recife. Don't want to have to stray too far from those spots as that's where most of our activities will be situated. I've checked out a lot of the higher rated spots but am always like to throw it out there.

Here are some the restaurants I've found. Have no idea where to start on the bars / clubs.

- Cabana del Primo
- Restaurante Mangostin
- Moana
- Santa Grelha

- Mingus
- Leite
- Camarada Camarao
- Tapa de Cuadril

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  1. Hi Spices -

    Heading there this Saturday for a month of venue cities, following the Swiss team and the Brasilians.

    Your Recife list looks good, but I have not been there for 1 year. You might try them out, take a few photos, and post your observations as a follow-up for others here on CH.

    I would add " Sal e Brasa " to your Fortaleza list. A fantastic Churrascaria, salad bar, and buffet. In my humble opinion better and fun than " Fogo de Chao " which I also recommend for visitors in the larger cities.

    Attached are scans of the menu from just a few months ago, which you can zoom into.

    Praia Iracema:
    Try the restaurant " Camaroes," for excellent seafood and Italian. All Thursdays are " Caranguejos " or local cooked crab days, depending if you like crab.

    There are good buffet at the Hotel Restaurants, especially in the nearby Beach Park, at Porto Das Dunas.

    Fortaleza at night along Beira Mar is flood lighted, loaded with people walking, jogging, and dining, and safe. Nonetheless minimize what you carry down to the minimal R$ that are needed for the evening for your group, and use a money belt hidden under that Hawaiian or Rayon shirt.

    2 weeks only ? Enjoy every minute there you can, Spices. My motto in Brasil: " Sleep is for Wimps "

    Have fun and enjoy the Pinga e Cerveja !