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May 28, 2014 06:39 PM

The Deck: On the Water, Ocean Breeze, Good Food, Historic View !

On Saturday, we spent a stellar afternoon out on the deck of The Deck at the Marina in Salisbury MA, across the Newburyport bridge. Young energetic welcoming staff, relatively quiet and peaceful, umbrella tables and a perimeter railing counter w/ high chairs that were very comfortable (Yes!) Everything neat and clean. The kitchen seems to work with quality seafood and produce; some things are good and some disappointing. (How have you found it?)

Salads were good except for the bought-in dressings which were all sweet. ugh. My hefty fried haddock tacos had a fresh salsa, cabbage, lime wedge and lime cilantro aioli (but I missed the chipotle sauce from la Verdad!) The house-fried onion rings were perfect, buttermilk and flour dredged. My Love's Calamari was nicely fried but then drizzled with some sweet sauce, which he remedied with a lot of lemon. He was happy with a Bantam cider but their bar doesn't use real lime juice so I forwent a drink and had some iced tea. After " You're welcome to stay and hang out" from our waitress, we enjoyed the view of the boats and Newburyport, and left just before the dinner rush. What a treat! That part of the Merrimack River apparently always gets that ocean breeze coming in from the east and it was so great to look over at the steeples of Newburyport and imagine the schooner captains siting them, coming home from the sea...
What a great place to take visitors, followed by a drive around Newburyport/ Plum Island and/or up to Portsmouth!

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  1. Good to know. Always looking for the rare place with both good food and a waterfront view!

    1. The food and drink sounds pretty uneven from your comments, but I always like a place with a view!

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        yep, sometimes it helps going in with lower expectations (or just w/ caution). at least you're kind of prepared; then if you like it, all the better, eh!

        1. re: QuakerInBoston

          If you want a great view, have dinner at the lighthouse in Newburyport.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              you have to be able to climb five stories, which I can't! Also, the bathroom is at the bottom of the five stories. Does sound amazing, for those who can afford it, and who can climb!

            2. re: treb

              Rose Island right off Newport has a lighthouse (not as tall) that you can rent by the night or week, and bring food in.