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Tuna fish question

I still want to know why the sauce in the tuna we had at the high school local deli was WHITE not yellow like mayo. What was the sauce? Some one knows the answer.

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    1. re: sedimental

      I'm so glad you asked. it was on my mind.

      1. re: ahuva

        Yeah..... I yellow mayo sounds like one of those "i left it on the counter......." threads!

    2. Sour cream or plain yogurt mixed in with the mayo will whiten it.

      1. The cheapest mayo money can buy, is my guess. They left the eggs out of it!

          1. I am stillwondering about yellow mayo.

            In the sauce at the high school deli.

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            1. re: C. Hamster

              Maybe they put some tumeric in it.

            2. perhaps the OP is in search or Miracle Whip ?

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              1. re: JTPhilly

                There's no such thing as any real mayo without having eggs in it. Mayo therefore is always to some degree yellowish.

                1. re: Puffin3

                  I was going to point this out but you beat me too it. Mayo is usually just a tiny bit yellow though when mixed in tuna salad it looks white to me.

              2. I have decided this is really a haiku, not a question....

                What is the color of yellow mayo
                If it is white?

                1. Your high school had a deli? Fancy school.

                  Did you ever just ask them what's in the tuna salad (Assuming you're talking about tuna salad since you didn't actually say what you're talking about.)

                  1. Welcome to CH! When did you graduate, any chance you can call and ask? Better to go to the source, if it still exists, rather having random people on a web site guessing.

                    My guess is it was low quality mayo as I have never seen mayo that is truly "yellow" to the point you would call it such.

                    1. I've actually heard of places that add crackers or white bread to tuna to stretch it further- maybe that made it look more "white"....