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May 28, 2014 04:34 PM

park slope

Looking for recommendations for nice, moderately priced place for dinner this Saturday night,moderately priced with reasonable ambiance and veggie friendly. Many thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. Maybe Taldi, or I think Osteria Convivium has some veggie friendly dishes.

    1. what does moderately priced mean to you? it would be most helpful to include an actual price range (and specify if you are including beverages - and whether or not you plan to drink alcohol - and tax/tip in your prices).

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        1. re: elle

          Still not sure if that includes tax/tip, but Franny's is within your price range regardless and we had an excellent meal there last month.

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            does that mean including or excluding your bottle of wine?

        2. Lot 2!! Hidden gem- we've been going once a month for years and never had a bad meal

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            This is probably a good place to mention that "park slope" covers a lot of ground and depending on where you are coming from/staying this might matter to you.

            As a demonstration of this Lot 2 at the southern end of the nabe is about a 35 minute walk (per google) from my recommendation of Franny's up on flatbush.

          2. I like Thistle Hill, same owners as Talde I think and nearby, but much more low key and less of a wait. They do have a few vege items although menu is not large

            1. Thanks so much for all the suggestions. Lots of good choices, several unknown to me. Do Franny's, Lot 2, or Thistle Hill take reservations?

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                Don't know about the others but Franny's only takes reservations for groups larger than 5

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                  lot 2 does not for small groups, but you can call ahead for seating (ie- calling when you're 10 minutes away to be put in the list.) There's not usually too much of a wait, though.