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May 28, 2014 03:28 PM

Time for another Vegas marathon drive and stay

Did this last year and doing again. Driving Tulsa to Las Vegas with one overnight (and a stop in the New Mexico Las Vegas). Then 11 days of back to back comps - get paid to stay plus some meal credits. Gonna have meal credits at Venetian, Aria, Cosmopolitan and NYNY. Then also gonna hit a few Vegas favorites of mine - LOS (2 or 3 times?), Shaanxi gourmet, Raku. Would welcome further suggestions both in Las Vegas and on my drive. Not looking for outrageously expensive (Shaanxi Gourmet is dirt cheap - Raku is about my limit)

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  1. Kage,

    Have you been to Viva Las Arepas? Combine that with gelato at Art of Flavors, next door, and you have pleased several of the basic food groups.

    Chada Thai (in same mall as Shaanxi) to see what Bank Atchawaran from LOS is up to these days. Bonus -- open very late 7 days.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Thx Dave - I'll check out Viva. I've done Chada Thai twice - time to head back to LOS,

    2. Consider Villa Algarve for some excellent off strip dining.

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              Yep. Very good, mom n' pop, authentic.