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May 28, 2014 01:38 PM

Help! Last minute private event--10 people, Wed 6/4

Hi all:

I need help putting together a last minute private event (next Wed, 6/4) and thought I would pick the brains of our local chowhounders.

We have a group of 10 for a celebratory professional event. So, not too stodgy, but it needs to be quiet enough that we can converse comfortably. To give an idea of what we are looking for in terms of ambience/pricepoint, our first thought was Whisknladle, but their private room is booked for that night.

Other criteria include:
--private room preferred, but if there is a quiet nook where we could be seated, that would also be fine
--La Jolla village or vicinity (we are all UCSD affiliates), but would be willing to drive a bit.
--beer and wine preferred
--there are a few vegetarians in the group, so there need to be non-meat options

Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I'd be looking at Piatti.

    1. If you get desperate and need to leave the La Jolla area, check with Waypoint down in North Park...they have a small back room that is very private. Not sure about pricing and such, just saw it last time I was there and they mentioned it on Facebook.

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      1. re: MrKrispy

        Or Tidal at Paradise Point. Very noisy in the open bar area at happy hour, but they have a private room (with a door you can close if need be) that might work for your group.

      2. Estancia Resort
        LJ Shores restaurant..oceanfront patio
        Cusp at the top of Hotel La Jolla

          1. Cowboy Star's private room would be an excellent fit. Bit of a drive.

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            1. re: eatemup

              Same area and drive: Cafe Chloe and Athens Market.

              Left field idea for the same area and drive: Fogo De Chao. Their salad bar is enough to keep a vegetarian busy for hours. They have several areas that can be sectioned off for large parties.