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May 28, 2014 11:36 AM

Anaheim Packing District opens this Saturday

On the corner of Anaheim Blvd and Santa Ana Blvd near the Umami Burger and Anaheim Brewery.

OC's answer to the Ferry Building. A pretty good list of shops

Iron Press
Cafecito Organico
Han's Ice Cream
Chippy Fish N Chips

Looking forward to trying Popbar, the speakeasy and the butcher.

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  1. Parking here can be challenging but really liked this place. The packing district reminded us of The Camp (not surprisingly) and the downtown Culver City area where Father's Office and HD Buttercup are. There are a bunch of patios with table seating, rocking chairs and plenty of tables to eat at. Some of the places were still not open - Ecco, Vietnamese place, seafood place and soul food place.

    Great beer selection at Iron Press. They had around 20 local craft beers with excellent selection from Bottle Logic, Noble, Stone, Valiant, Bear Republic, etc... Tater tots were good beer food.

    The longest line was at Popbar. The line moves pretty quick though. I can see this being the next hot dessert trend. The bar far exceeded my expectations. We had a peanut butter bar dipped in dark chocolate with waffle cone and almonds. Good texture, excellent peanut butter flavor and not overly sweet. My son's mandarin orange bar was outstanding. It tasted like a less sweet but more authentic citrusy version of the Dole's mandarin oranges.

    Fried shrimp and fish at the Chippy were great. Good amount of batter and piping hot. Crispy and delicious. They know how to fry.

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    1. re: js76wisco

      Overall, I liked the place as far as concept and design. The beer place is great. But I have been 0-2 as far as food.

      I do not understand the fascination with the Chippy. It is average tasting and they use frozen fries. And that disgusting tartar sauce. I ended up eating my fish with malt vinegar and my fries with Sriracha.

      The place down stairs next to the butcher was underwhelming as well. The place that hires nothing but Filipinos. I ordered the porchetta sandiwch and it was disgusting. I mean utterly horrible. There was so much nasty lemon herb seasoning that it tasting like lemon and lawn clippings. And the cracklin was so hard I was afraid I might chip a tooth. The fries however were tasty with the aioli.

      Next time I visit I am definitely going to hit up either the Indian place or the Iron Press. Oh and thanks for the rec on the popsicle place, I probably wouldn't give that place a second look.

      Also, if you are not Asian you will stick out like a sore thumb. lol

      1. re: A5 KOBE

        My wife commented on the mix as well - very heavy concentration of Asian with small pockets of Mexican and white people. A lot of of the restaurants were being run by Asians too as you mention.

        The Kroft (place next to the butcher) had the 2nd longest line in the place but I was forewarned not to be tricked by their porchetta. Some of the other sandwiches looked good but not worth the wait.

        The Chippy fish and jumbo fried shrimp were good. We used malt vinegar on both.

        I forgot we also had some Han's. They are doing a brisk business being 20 steps from Popbar for the people not willing to wait on line. They were running out of flavors left and right. The vanilla was delicious.

        The butcher had the best food and we'd probably go back there but we want to try the Indian place and the hot pot place too.

        1. re: js76wisco

          Is this porchetta sandwich different from the one in the other CH thread praising the fabulous porchetta from Wheat & Sons Butcher shop? (or is the same one?)

          If it is the same, yikes! :< I guess I'll skip this whole area.

          1. re: chowseeker1999

            Different sandwiches. The Kroft and Wheat & Sons are next to each other.

            Wheat & Sons was sold out of the porchetta by 4pm on Sunday.

            The Kroft looks great. They have a huge window looking into the spit where the porchetta is being cooked and assembled. But by several accounts (A5 Kobe) the porchetta at The Kroft is very dry and not good at all.