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May 28, 2014 11:22 AM

Paris on the Hill

We were four for dinner on a Tuesday night. The location is easy to access with parking in a lot or on the street. The look and feel of a Paris Bistro has been nicely achieved. There are hard surfaces top and bottom, tables are spaced nicely, not crowded. We all liked the space from the tin ceilings to the hard wood floor, attractive bar and traditional bistro mirrors. One would image that it is loud even on a slower night, it is. All diners at our table liked the menu. Many interesting selections offering the ability to control the price of your dinner. Items especially enjoyed included the Beet Salad, the Onion Soup, Short Ribs, Mussels, Cauliflower Gratin, good bread & sides of mushrooms and spinach. We tried a few cocktails which were all good with one exception which was a personal dislike not a poor execution. Our server was excellent. There did seem to be quite a few non servers, non bus people, just standing around talking. We could not figure out that these no-ops did but I guess the guy paying them knows. Chef Paris stopped for a friendly chat, nice touch.

Good fun, good food and service, nice place coming with the traditional Philadelphia noise. Definitely it will be a regular stop for us.

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    This place is a real winner. I've been there twice since it opened and enjoyed it both times. We really liked the following: liver pate, salad Nicoise, salad Lyonnaise, hamburger, cassoulet, coq au vin and potato frites.

    The desserts could use some improvement. They are not quite as good as the other dishes. The chocolate mousse was very heavy and the profiteroles could have been better.

    The bread was outstanding.

    The service was excellent both times.

    The noise level is a bit much but what else is new? If noise is a factor for you then I suggest that you go early say about 5:30 or 6:00 at the latest.

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          bg, It is on Germantown Avenue next to the Chestnut Hill Hotel on the right side going away from Germantown (guess that is west). In what was the location of the short lived Melting Pot.