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May 28, 2014 11:03 AM

3 Days from Toronto - Vancouver Itinerary - comments please!

Hi all,
Thanks for your feedback on my other thread. (


I'm trying to nail down a few meals (since I can, as many places use Open Table). We arrive on a Tuesday afternoon and leave on Friday morning.

Here's what I'm thinking, please provide feedback as required!

Tues Aug 5

arrive, check in, get in line for Vij's
Dinner: Vij's
cocktails at West after Vij's

Wed Aug 6

Lunch: Hawksworth (1pm reservation)

Dinner - snack/drink crawl: (some of these will just be for drinks)
Alibi Room
Pidgin (8pm reservation)

Thurs Aug 7

Lunch ?? --> somewhere in Granville Public Market, or sushi at Miko?

Dinner: Farmer's Apprentice

I'm omitting many of the recommendations, so I'm happy to adjust our plans. If there are better places for sit-down lunches than Hawksworth, we are game, or if there are other places we should add to the snack crawl, let us know.


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  1. You might want to consider cocktails at West BEFORE Vij's depending what time you're lining up (West opens at 5:30). A good option while waiting for your table.

    There really aren't any memorable restaurants on Granville Island where the market is. If sushi at Miko is an option, that would be my choice for sure but it is a schlep from the island.

    The places you've picked for your snack crawl don't seem to be open till 5 or 6 so might be hard to get to more than one or two before Pidgin, though Notturno and Alibi are fairly close by. Unless the food has improved vastly of late, I'd pass on snacks at Alibi. Go for the beer!

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    1. re: grayelf

      The bar at West is open all afternoon, but the kitchen opens at 5:30. I found that out last week when I went in at 5:30, but had wanted to meet a friend at 4. Turns out they stay open between lunch and dinner service!

        1. re: peter.v

          Perfect plan! This will be our first night in town, so if we have time, we'll hit West first.

        2. re: grayelf

          Definitely plan to hit Alibi, Notturno could be after Pidgin, too. Anywhere else to add to the crawl?

        3. Any chance you can fit in Octopus Garden some how? Tough to do, but would be worth the effort. They only do dinner, however.

          Sardine Can is good for snacks too.

          I wouldn't bother with Hawksworthe. Maybe Kirin instead?

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          1. re: justxpete

            The huz just isn't into sushi - I'm the seafood lover - and I think our dinner choices are what work best, sadly.