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May 28, 2014 07:41 AM

The Clam Castle?

Anybody have any information on what happened to The Clam Castle in Madison, Ct? I was looking to have some great seafood last night and went online to check the hours and it appears from their Facebook page that they're closed for good. Their phone is also out of service.
What a shame, they had the best fried seafood with a great clam shack atmosphere.

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  1. Say it ain't so Chefstu!

    I was waiting for CC to open for the season. This can't be.

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    1. Rumor I heard is that Donovan's (next door) purchased it and would soon open it as a clam shack.

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      1. re: jdgall

        Is Donovan's the restaurant occupying what was Vicky's Corner in days gone bye?

      2. GEEZ, after you nice people convinced us to give it a try and we agreed it was great? That IS a shame, buddy. :(

        1. I was hoping to go this weekend. I've enjoyed it for more than 40 years. It was my favorite shack on the eastern shore.

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          1. re: bagelman01

            When you have a sec, bagelfriend, drop me a line, will you please?

            ETA: Now you'll be forced, FORCED, I say, to go to Lenny & Joe's! BWAH HA HA HA!

          2. How sad!! I only discovered this place a few years back, and it quickly became one of my favorite summer spots! Anybody know of a close second?

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            1. re: KelJne

              We really like Lenny & Joe's (particularly the Westbrook location, but also right across the street from The Clam Castle in Madison). They're on the water in New Haven, too, but I've never been.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                Thanks, Kattyeyes! I've always heard the hype around L&J, but never felt the ned to go since I adored Clam Castle! I'll have to try it out. :-)
                Any other recommendations for fried clams? Willing to travel anywhere in the state if they're great!

                  1. re: KelJne

                    My favorite thing at L&J is the scallop roll:

                    My mom's favorite (Westbrook) is the fried oysters.

                    I haven't had fried clams in the longest time, but others here will help you for sure.

                    1. re: KelJne

                      Glenwood on Whitney Ave (RT 10) in Hamden north of Dixwell about a mile........................

                      1. re: bagelman01

                        Glenwood has my vote - best fried clams I've had except possibly for Five Island Lobster in Georgetown, ME.

                      2. re: KelJne

                        Lenny's Indian Head Inn in Branford.

                        1. re: KelJne

                          Thanks, everyone! Can't wait to try these places! Although my fingers are still crossed the Clam Castle will miraculously re-open! :-)