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May 28, 2014 06:49 AM

Frozen quail at Harvey's

Family goes down I-95 to Tallahassee often. Trying to score some (Plantation brand) frozen quail at Harvey's Supermarket to bring home. Has anybody bought and/or cooked this particular product ? Are there other 'odd, regional ' items that you've come across ? Also, Harvey's is closing for a week in June for a 'transition', any word ? Thanx

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  1. Harveys was sold to Bilo all in the Brunswick, Ga market have been rebranded to Winn Dixie. Lee smoked sausage is dreat if they have it in stock also Today's Harvest Skillet silver queen corn is great frozen corn. Georgia Olive Oil is great.

    1. Just a few miles off 95 is Manchester Farms.Their whole business is quail.Look for their vaced and frozen birds in better supermarkets in the area. A frozen quail is most likely a frozen quail!

      1. There are 3 items I always try to bring back home with me when I visit family in Tally. The smoked sausage and freshly milled grits from Bradley's Country Store and Tupelo honey. The cost of Tupelo honey has gone through the roof since the hoity toity restaurants have learned how great it is but I still have to have it.