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May 28, 2014 05:35 AM

Acadia/MDI Roadtrip from Boston

My hubby and I are renting a cottage on MDI for a week in June. We'll likely cook in most nights but would love some recommendations on where to have a nice dinner or even breakfast/lunch throughout the week. We'll make a stop in Portland (we go there all set with options for that side trip) but anything along the route we have to eat/sip?

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  1. We love Cafe This Way for breakfast. It's in Bar Harbor.

    1. It depends a little on where you'll be staying on the island, since at least for breakfast, you might not want to drive from one side to the other. In BH for dinner, we like Mache Bistro a lot for a nicer dinner, and we were pleasantly surprised by the local favorite, Side Street Cafe. You might check the archives of this board for other suggestions. Along the way, lunch at Chase's Daily in Belfast can't be beat.

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        Side Street Cafe has the second best Mac & Cheese I've ever had. It's now on my list of places I must go when on MDI. Also a new bar I discovered is the Balance Rock Inn (don't tell anyone!). It's an inn but the bar is open to the public, the bar is SUPER small but the patio out back is right on the water and is very quiet considering you are in Bar Harbor.

      2. We, too, always stop in Portland, so for our last weekend foray into Maine, we headed to the Rockland/Camden/Belfast/Rockport corridor, which we loved. Most places closed due to Easter weekend, but I would recommend Long Grain in Camden; Chase's/The Gothic/Laan Xang/Co-Op all in Belfast looked great; Saltwater Farm and Shepherd's Pie right next door to each other in Rockport; Cafe Miranda and so much more in Rockland. We hit none of these, except for Long Grain, but they all looked right up our alley. Maybe your alley, too?