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May 27, 2014 09:58 PM

Don't Take This Girl to Minetta Tavern or Peter Luger

WOW, This chick can eat...144 ounces of beef in less than 15 minutes...the first 72 ounces in under 5 minutes.!!!!!

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    1. "She apparently wasn't full so she ate a second one..."

      What, does she have a tapeworm? I can rarely eat more than 8 ounces of steak with other things on the plate, at a leisurely pace.

      But seriously, that's not eating, as I doubt much chewing was involved. I know they have strategies to do this, but I often wonder what changes are taking place in a body doing this in the short-term. (Think "meat sweats".) I'd love to see a medical article on the effect of what I can only describe as voluntary force-feeding.

      1. Not only the steak but also the side dishes -- bread rolls, baked potatoes, etc!! And she takes the time to season with salt!

        Previously she has done a single 72-oz steak in less than 3 minutes -

        Competitive eaters are usually skinny (like this woman) because fat doesn't stretch -- so you don't want to have a fat layer on your belly.

        I would love to see a "Candid Camera" video of this women going to a steak house on a first date with some unsuspecting guy. Haha.

        1. She'd be a hit in Somalia.

          1. For the record she beat Nathan's hot dog champ Joey Chestnut's previous record.