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May 27, 2014 08:23 PM

World Cup trip June 13-15

Hey everyone,

I am meeting up with some friends from around the country in DC to spend the first weekend of world cup watching matches around the city and of course eating and drinking. Since I am somewhat familiar with DC I have been tasked with making all the arrangements for food and drink.

I have drawn up an itinerary for the weekend and would appreciate any input on hits, misses or possible substitutes. We will be staying at the Westin Downtown.


Coffee and Pastry: Chinatown Coffee Co.
Netherlands vs Spain: Mackey's Public House. I have a friend coming who is a huge Dutch football fan, so wanted to take him to the main meeting spot for Netherlands supporters.
Dinner: 8:15 reservation at Graffiato
Cocktails: 11:00 reservation at Columbia Room


Coffee and pastry: Chinatown coffee co or something else nearby??
Colombia vs Greece: Fado Irish Pub
Late lunch in between games: DGS Deli
England vs Italy: Lucky Bar
Dinner: 9:00 reservation at Izakaya Daikaya
After dinner: Everyone seems to want to hit a rooftop for drinks. I was thinking POV lounge but have never been there on a Saturday night. Is this a good idea or are there better options?
Late night grub: Mings?


Brunch: 1:00 reservation at Poste
France vs Honduras: Bistro la Bonne. One of the guys in the group is from Paris originally, so wanted to watch at a place that attracts fellow France supporters.
Bite before our flights that evening? I am drawing a blank when it comes to a quick bite before our flight, near the hotel since our bags will be stored there for the afternoon. Any input is appreciated.

So please let me know your thoughts, thank you in advance!

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    1. re: Worldwide Diner

      Is DC a place to meet up or is it a hotbed for soccer fans that I'm just clueless to?

      I can't comment on your venues for watching but your restaurant choices are pretty solid, other than Poste. If you can get reservation, go to Le Diplomate for brunch (unless the French guy doesn't want to eat French here). Dinner at Kapnos.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        It is a pretty good city overall when it comes to venues to watch world cup matches, but its also a pretty neutral meeting ground based on where everyone lives at this time (BOS, NYC, Philly and ATL)

        Thank you for the recommendation on Le Diplomate.

      2. Sounds really fun.

        I haven't been to POV in a long time (and always on the early side), but experience was that it's very snooty but worth it for the view, seems like it would be right for what you're looking for. Probably should get a reservation.

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        1. I've watched some games before at Fado's - and it's not my favorite - but it does have the advantage of being close to the Irish Channel which also has games if you want to try another place close by. However, regarding the nature of the World Cup viewing on a weekend might be far less predictable.

          I've been to Lucky Bar before, and I really like it for watching games - but can't speak to the food at all. Also, have no idea what it'll be like for the World Cup on the weekends. I do plan on watching weekday games there prior to the weekend you'll be in town (as it's the best/closest choice to where I work) - but it's not my weekend bar of choice. I'm not sure if the Wrong Side of the Pond pub atlas will have any updated info regarding the World Cup, but it might be worth checking.

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          1. re: cresyd

            Thanks for the heads up on Fado. Of all the venues that is the one I wavered on the most. Truthfully I would much rather find a place that Colombian supporters meet up, as one of the fellas is from there originally. Any ideas?

            Lucky seemed like the spot for England fans, which I am, so good to hear its a nice spot. As far as food is concerned, we will be stopping by DGS before, so no need for grub, just drinks.

          2. You've seen this, right?


            I've watched matches at Summers, the last one on the list. It is in Arlington but right at the metro and they open even for very early games. The food is nothing special but Bayou Bakery is right across the street for a pre-match beignet or two.

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            1. re: tcamp

              Do you have a preference of Summers to Four Courts?

              1. re: tcamp

                I did come across Summers while reading online. Think it may be a better option than Fado for the Sat afternoon match?

                1. re: Matt H

                  Summers is also across the street from the Ireland's Four Courts - so you can easily decide if one appeals to you more than the other. (Compared to the option of Fado/Irish Channel, I'd strongly recommend it)

                  Four Courts also has a considerable English fan base. It can get very crowded (the FA Cup final ended up being totally nuts) but it is also very large with lots of TV's. So if you aren't wedded to sitting at the bar, there can be lots of options.

                  That being said - I'm also new to the area and have never experienced a World Cup/tournament at any of these places. So regarding crowd size - who knows.

                  1. re: cresyd

                    Thank you again for the recommendation. Summers and Four Courts sound more up our alley than Fado. We are all pretty hard core year round for our respective sides, so watching in an atmosphere like mentioned above is preferred.

                  2. re: Matt H

                    Summers has good buffalo wings. Do not eat anything else there. Summers has long been the top spot for soccer in the DC area. And because of the international community, it is the one place where you are likely to find supposters of many different teams all clustered in different places.


                    My favorite experiences watching a World Cup game was a bit by accident. I went to the Babylon Futbol Cafe in Baileys Crossroads to watch the US-Algeria game in 2010. Then when I got outside I saw all these cars with Algerian flag pennants and signs. This huge place was packed with mostly Algerian fans yet some very vocal US supporters wearing old jerseys (Joe-Max Moore) and waving flags. It was fun hearing the Algerians all around me talking and ordering in French, yelling at the screens. The scene was tense, electric, good-natured, fun.

                    1. re: Steve

                      Thanks Steve. You're example in the second paragraph is one of the reason's I love the world cup, so much energy, love it.

                2. Just received this in an email. I know Kapnos is already on your list, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

                  "The 2014 World Cup kicks off on June 12 and we will be celebrating until the final game on July 13. Join us at Graffiato, Kapnos or G to watch the games and enjoy a selection of $9 classic cocktails themed for our favorite teams – U.S. (Sazerac), Brazil (Grapefruit Caipirinha), Italy (Negroni), Spain (White Sangria) and Greece (Watermelon Lemonade)."