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May 27, 2014 07:24 PM

Athens Ga

I'm heading to Athens for a few days this summer – I’ll definitely make it to Five and Ten but does anyone have thoughts on the other places on my list?

Chef Ming
Mamas Boy
Harrys Pig Shop
La Dolce Vita
Marker 7
Catch 22
La Estrella
The National
Ideal Bagel
Cinco y Dies
Los Amigos
Square One Fish
Branded Butcher

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  1. Mamas Boy, Branded Butcher and The National are excellent. I really love Branded Butcher.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      CDawg, what do you get at BB? My last two experiences there were not very good.

      Mama's Boy is fine. I need to hit the National again.

      I like Harry's a lot. Big fan of their pulled pork and spicy sauce (on the side), the pork nachos and their brunswick stew.

      Tlaloc is awesome salvadoran. Great pupusas, tacos, etc.

      We stopped at Marker 7 again this past weekend. It has a nice covered porch and a view of five points although why they did not add fans I will never know. The fried calamari "with jalapenos" had one sliver of jalapeno. The oysters (LA) were not shucked the best and had lots of shell and dirt on them. Drink menu is not bad and my friend loves the clam strips.

      Shokitini is ok for Athens sushi.

      We really wanted to try Catch 22. Awesome menu but they closed at 3 PM on Memorial Day so we ended up at catch. I hear great things about the chef who also owns Chops and Hops in Watkinsville.

      Eastside Peking still has a "secret" menu which is not offered unless requested. We had the beef with grandmas sauce which was pretty good although they showed us the jar of grandma's sauce. Dan dan noodles were so hot they were almost not edible. We were going to order the sauteed strings beans but $13 is spendy for nothing but beans. Still, your only slightly authentic Chinese option for Athens.

      1. re: Dax

        Hi Dax

        I can't remember everything we had at BB...I think I've been 3 times. I do remember loving everything...I specifically remember the goat cheese pimento cheese, fried oysters and a pork belly dish. The menu changes frequently doesn't it?

        1. re: carolinadawg

          The cheese and oysters are all great, as is the belly. The squid ink could have just been a wrong order but the way it was handled iritated me. The chicken liver mousse is good but has a very strong iron taste and sometimes the reduction can be overpowering. I want to love BB but it hasn't done it yet.

      1. Harry's (now called Harry's Barbecue) is very good, but you'd do even better to get a little out of town and visit Hot Thomas in Watkinsville, Zeb's in Danielsville, or Paul's in Lexington. None are more than a 30 minute drive.

        1. The wings at Harry's are one of the best dishes ever.