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May 27, 2014 07:24 PM

Athens Ga


I'm heading to Athens for a few days this summer – I’ll definitely make it to Five and Ten but does anyone have thoughts on the other places on my list?

Chef Ming
Mamas Boy
Harrys Pig Shop
La Dolce Vita
Marker 7
Catch 22
La Estrella
The National
Ideal Bagel
Cinco y Dies
Los Amigos
Square One Fish
Branded Butcher

  1. not sure how many places you can hit but Cinco y Dies - the apps are especially good.

    The national didn't blow my skirt up but i've only been there once

    1. Since this is a duplicate of the discussion on the Southeast board ( ) we're going to lock this one and ask people who have Athens suggestions to jump over there and add them to that thread.