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May 27, 2014 05:52 PM

What's cooking for Shavuot?

Shavuot is my favorite holiday, particularly for food. I haven't found anything new and fun yet but I'm thinking of doing a cheese fondue meal. What is everyone else up to?

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  1. I keep thinking of doing a fondue meal myself(cheese and chocolate), but I never remember to order a fondue pot in time.

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      Fondue pots are not necessary. I did many fondue dinners in college and we were far from fancy enough to have fondue sets. That said, they are a lot of fun.

    2. I'm doing a pizza dinner, with mini pies and calzones and pizza rolls and a pizza dough ring. notice a theme? I'm also doing (gasp!) fried chicken for one of the day meals (I know, meat? what is this, Shabbat?).

      1. I love Shavout too!! Normally I would go all out with tarts and pasta dishes and cheesecakes, etc., etc., but this year I have very limited prep time so I am sticking to a gourmet cheese platter with crudite and crostini and a bunch of salads that can be assembled on yom tov. I'll probably do one pasta dish, and maybe a fish that involved dairy in some capacity (as a sauce, maybe?)

        Anyone have a great pasta dish to recommend? Something that can be prepared in advance!

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          Keep the ideas coming. We are hosting lunch for the first time in years--our shul in NJ used to have big lunches but in London we are hosting first day.

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            I'm planning on artichoke lasagna. It's easy and can be made in advance.

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              Can you please give us the recipe for the artichoke lasagna?

              1. re: helou

                Hi, I just saw this.
                I use the smitten kitchen recipe for artichoke stuffed shells. I can paraphrase it when later.

            2. re: DevorahL

              Mark bittman has a great white sauce mushroom lasagna - you can also go sweet, with a cheese noodle kugel or fun with a spaghetti pizza pie - choose your own toppings!

              1. re: ahuva

                I just made a white sauce mushroom lasagna for the first time a few days ago. It was really special!

                1. re: almond tree

                  my husband prefers the white sauce version to the classic red sauce version - kids like the red sauce better but they're just as happy with mac and cheese!

            3. I made חלב ישראל, non-fat, pawpaw-flavored frozen yogurt last October. It's been sitting in the freezer since then. Can't wait for Shavuos to share & enjoy it!

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              1. So far I plan to make:

                Macaroni and cheese (with béchamel, cheddar and gruyere)
                Mini oreo cheesecakes
                homemade lebneh

                I've also purchased a lot of ice cream bars.