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May 27, 2014 05:14 PM

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

I bought a delicious coconut cake- white cake, white icing and shredded coconut on the outside at Pusateri's years ago. The source was a bakery somewhere around Bathurst and Wilson I believe. Has anyone had a store bought coconut cake lately? As well, my partner is craving a Napolean--flaky pastry with creme centre and a vanilla topping with chocolate drizzled on it. I'm in the west end but willing to drive to get these special treats. Thanks, K.

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  1. Ugh, Baker Street Desserts used to make an amazing coconut cake, just like you described, not too sweet, the frosting was more like whipped cream. I just checked their website for you and it's not listed anymore :(
    I'll call them tomorrow when they open and see if it's discontinued. Coconut cake is one of my favorites. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for Napoleans.

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      1. re: kristoronto

        Napoleon - I bought some at Yummy Market, the European supermarket. So maybe you can try the one at Dufferin and Finch.
        Was at Starsky last week. Not sure if I saw some there.

      2. re: red dragon

        I just found it! YAY! Check it out if you love coconut cake--photo and description on their site.

        Bake: Dessert Co. is a family-run and operated bakery known for its use of only premium, whole ingredients for their signature creations. It has been supplying fine restaurants, top retailers, and caterers with quality handmade, gourmet baked desserts, since 2001 with a 2000 sq ft. stand-alone retail shop opened to better serve baked dessert lovers throughout the GTA.

        Bake: Dessert Co
        11-2700 Dufferin St
        Toronto ON
        M6B 4J3

        Store Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

        Phone: 416 782 2253

        1. re: kristoronto

          Actually, the bakery I was referring to is called Baker Street. I just called them and it's not on their website, but they do sell it. 8" is called Snowflake Cake and the 10" is called Malibu Cake, but they are the same!

          Baker Street's cake has coconut cream pie filling in the middle and is frosted with fresh whipped cream and covered with unsweetened coconut shavings.

          Bake: Dessert Co.'s coconut cake has dulce de lece and frosted with cream cheese, but looks yummy as well.

          Your picture looks like the one from Bake: Dessert Co. though!

          Geesh, I'm going to order one! I love coconut cake too :)

          1. re: red dragon

            I just phoned their number and it's not in service! I'll look at Baker Street again. Kris

            1. re: kristoronto

              Sorry, I forgot to include the details. I couldnt edit my post.

              Baker Street
              130 The West Mall
              Toronto, Ontario M9C 1B9
              Phone: 416-785-9666 (order desk, press 3)


              I called Bake: Dessert Co too and the number is out of service as you said.

              Try Baker Street's cake, it's really, really delicious. We've had it for birthdays and anniversaries.

              1. re: red dragon

                It's so convenient for me today as I'm driving right by there to go to Sherway Mall. Thanks! K.

                1. re: kristoronto

                  Can you actually buy cakes direct from them, though? I've driven by that location a few times and I got the impression that they're not open to the public, though I may be mistaken.

                  1. re: Michael N

                    Yes, you can. You need to order the cakes 1 day in advance. They're only open Monday - Friday 8-5pm.

                    Some of their cakes are sold at grocery stores such as Metro as well.


                  2. re: kristoronto

                    Perfect! Just call beforehand to make sure they have what you need :)

                    1. re: red dragon

                      Got the cake--just walked into the reception area and ordered it to be brought up to the front from the bakery. It looks delicious! I'll let you know what I think of it.

        2. If you want napoleon cake, the BEST napoleon I've had was from a bakery named Napoleon (ha!) on Finch.

          Make sure to call ahead and ask for their old-style pastry cream filling, because during the summer they usually use a different one and it's not as good.

          1. Phipps Bakery at 428 Eglinton West does a Coconut Lemon Snowball cake. Looks very nice,but I've never had anything from them.