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May 27, 2014 05:00 PM

Can't miss spots?

Hey took a look at some of the most recent posts. Wondering what are the can't miss spots in NO that I must visit for food. High end, mid, and or low doesn't matter. Seems that Galatoire's is ranking near the top.

How are the following places are they worth checking out?

thanks in advance for any help chees!

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  1. Galatoire's is -- for ME -- a can't miss, but then again, I don't live in NOLA (just visit once or twice every years since before Karina), and we do "Friday Lunch" for the food, for the tradition, and for the fun.

    Borgne left me flat when we ate there.

    Cochon is a must, again, for me.

    Emeril's restaurants are . . . well, Emeril's restaurants and I have other places I prefer to go in my limited time in town. OTOH, if I lived full-time in New Orleans, I'm sure I'd go there . . . probably with friends visiting from out-of-town . . . .

    1. Emeril's is not a "can't miss" spot.
      I think Bacchanal, Brigtsen's, and Clancy's all belong on the list.

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        Blumie if you had to chose between the following what would you go with then?


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          Wow, that's a tough one. I'd decide between Bacchanal and Brigtsen's, but they are such wildly different places, it really comes down to what type of atmosphere you're looking for.

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            Any thoughts on what dcrandy posted with august, R'evolution, boyona and herbsaint?

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              I have not been to R'evolution. I like Bayona, Herbsaint and August (once upon a time Bayona was my all-around favorite in NOLA), but you just don't have time to do them all.

              Please note that it's hard for me to say that Brigtsen's and Bacchanal have the best food in New Orleans, as it's nearly impossible to judge a restaurant's food without taking into account its other attributes such as atmosphere, decor, etc. The reason that I put Brigtsen's and Bacchanal at the top is precisely because the overall package, including good food, makes me happy and captures, in my mind at least, the essence of New Orleans. (Certainly the same can be said about places others are recommending, as well. These are just the places that do it for me.)

              You should also note that Bacchanal is VERY different from the other places we're discussing. Very casual. Most people eat outside in a large courtyard (although there is a nice dining room upstairs). You order at a window into the kitchen (cash only), and then they give you a number to put on your table and they bring you your food. You set your own table with flatware available near the kitchen or upstairs near the bar.

              1. re: Blumie

                Thanks a ton, this has been very helpful, unfortunately there seems to be a decent amount of places that fit the mold of what i'm looking for so my choices seem to be getting tougher. I think ultimately Galatoire's will be my first shot, but I'll definitely check out herbsaint for lunch since they are one of the few mentioned on this thread that offers lunch.

              2. re: na3r0k

                Well, you already know from other posts that I've made in this thread what I think of August and R'evolution.

                Bayona is Susan Spicer's flagship restaurant -- wonderful for either dinner or lunch. We've been there frequently enough that she has become something of a friend, and in fact we traveled with her to Spain. Thus, take whatever number of grains of salt you deem appropriate. (Then again, we've become friends with a number of chefs, sommeliers/bartenders, and other people from various restaurants across New Orleans, and have noted several when they've come to the San Francisco Bay Area.) The "classics" are indeed classic, yet the new offerings on the menu always seem enticing -- it's always tough to choose.

                Herbsaint is another favorite restaurant of ours, and that's the problem: we have too many favorites and so, with a limited number of meals per trip, something always falls by the wayside. Herbsaint is one where we try to go once a year -- which is always easier if we visit New Orleans TWICE. If we only go once, sometimes we'll be forced to skip it on "this trip," but when that happens, we always make it a point to *definitely* eat there on our next visit.

                Let me put it this way, if we lived in New Orleans -- which is a dream, but not (yet) a reality -- we would probably dine at both Bayona and Herbsaint at least once a month.

        2. awesome, yea i'll be out there for a long weekend, but some of the plans have been made. I didn't do any of the food planning, so I wanted to get a solid dinner in the first night i'm out there, which is open from planning. It looks like Galatoire is the place. I think i might try to hit up cochon before i head out sunday for lunch.

          1. The two spots we do have set is acme oyster, and arnauds, mind you i haven't really heard anything about these spots, and the person planning the trip, probably isn't too food inclined in the first place. Are these places any good?

            1. Our favorites (most recent trip was on New Year's) was
              - Bayona
              - Herbsaint
              - August (really fine high end restaurant)

              we didn't eat at R'evolution (couldn't get in) but have heard really good things about it.

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              1. re: DCRandy

                Looked at the menu for R'evolution looks fantastic. I wouldn't mind doing a very high end restaurant, actually it was kind of what i was going for, so maybe August might fit the bill. Any thoughts on what i should lean towards for my first time if I'm choosing between the 3.


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                  If you are looking for good food and a real New Orleans experience, then it is Galatorie's. If you want to take out a second mortgage on your home, it is R'evolution. If you want a Besh expereience, it is August.

                  I would also like to recommend a relatively new spot for a more casual dinner choice: Mariza
                  Their Burrata crostini and tomatoes is to die for.

                  1. re: na3r0k

                    The galatoire's menu/style is very similar to Arnaud's so with limited time I wouldn't do both. I probably prefer the food at Arnaud's but Galatoires is as much about the experience as it is the food. Galatoires is my favorite restaurant so I'm in no way discounting its appeal.

                    I prefer August to R'evolution (disclaimer I've only been once to RR but tried a lot as it was a long celebratory dinner)personally but agree with a previous poster - if you're willing to get out of the downtown area then go to Clancy's or Brigtsen's for food you can't find elsewhere.

                    1. re: na3r0k

                      Let me start by saying I have dined several times, and have loved, all three BUT . . .

                      Of the three, Galatoire's is the CLASSIC New Orleans experience. August and R'evolution are great restaurants, and certainly are influenced by, and based upon, the regional cuisine of Louisiana, but "classic" they are not.

                      Something happened at August. I don't know what, but the last two times (out of the five times I've dined there), service has been sloppy and Octavio Mantilla -- partner and GM in the restaurant -- seems not to care. I last ate there in 2012.

                      R'evolution has been a wonderful "replacement," however. It *is* expensive, but my three dinners there have all been excellent.

                      Contrary to Paisley16, I would say that, in my experience, R'evolution has surpassed August, both in terms of food and service.

                      That said, I agree with Paisley16 regarding the similarities between Galatoire's and Arnaud's, AND about Brigtsen's (great food, but not the "experience" of Galatoire's).