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May 27, 2014 03:50 PM


Paggi House has closed to make room for condos.

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  1. not surprised re: condos. ugh.

    1. Austin Bakehouse is closing June 15.

      1. Does that mean the Taco Cabana is history, too? That's a pretty busy TC. The cheap eats are getting pushed farther and farther away from town.

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        1. re: sqwertz

          As much as I hated that Taco Cabana when it came in, it slowly became my halfway resting point during my walk around Town Lake. They have those vegetarian bean tacos - really cheap and satisfying. It's kind of dirty most times, but you can sit out on the patio with a cheap taco and free water.

          I bet most people just want it to go away. Not sure what the height limitation would be on that spot, but I'm sure someone has their eye on it. Next will be Butler Park!

          1. re: rudeboy

            huston street bought it. he's putting a condo tower there i believe.

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              I knew I should have been a a baseball player.

            2. re: rudeboy

              Nah - The "golf course" would be the next logical spot to get dozed. Never mind that the people on the third floor would have a train (and their headlights) right outside their window 3-4 times a day (and night).


          2. Yelp has reported that 123 Noodles, the Vietnamese place inside Hana World Marlet (Lamplight Village), has closed. The last review was a month ago. I never got to try and it and was planning on doing my quarterly Asian shopping there tomorrow instead of at "Penis unfit for human consumption" MT Supermarket.

            Bummer. Can anybody confirm it's really closed? The place had great reviews.

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            1. re: sqwertz

              I may be wrong, but think that space gave way to Kin and Comfort.

              To me, Kin and Comfort was a qui-esque stall with good, if derivative food -and since I'm not a huge fan of uchiko or most things qui, I chalked it up to a fine experience - no need to return.

              1. re: saticoy

                It was okay but not fantastic. Good enough to go back. Search archives there was a thread dedicated to the place.

              2. re: sqwertz

                Yes, Kin and Comfort replaced 123 Noodles which was just ok. The Korean place is still there (like the spicy pork bone soup)

              3. Kohnami at 183 & Anderson Mill (former Hoover's, and Ryan's Steakhouse location) is pushing up daisies. There is a lockout notice on the door.

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                1. re: tori_atx

                  Too bad, the couple if times I went there, it was really good. I don't go out for sushi that often, and sadly not often enough for Kohnami.

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    there are just way too many sushi joints in that immediate area: midori, osaka, momiji and a few others i can't recall right now. hope something else goes in there, and it sticks.