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May 27, 2014 03:46 PM

Travail Wait Times on a Friday Night

We want to celebrate a friend's completion of her phd thesis this Friday and thought it would be fun to take her and her husband to Travail. We have never been, but from what I have read it seems like a great place for a fun celebration. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on recent wait times at various hours for a Friday night (for four). Because it's a celebration, we would rather not subject our phd candidate to an excruciating wait; she will after all be in the mood for a party. How do people occupy themselves during long waits?

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  1. Got there about 30 minutes before opening and were around the tenth group there, seated right away. By opening the line was pretty long.

    1. I would suggest one person get there early to stand in line while the others park the car. I like the seats by the window and you might want to get there 45 minutes ahead of time.

      Congratulations to your friend, that is one thick document.

      1. I have seen the line be 50 people deep 30 minutes before opening. In my experience eating later or early is still best.

        Downtown Robbinsdale really needs a Pub/Bar for carryover at places and foot traffic. I am sure there is some code blocking it, but it would be a nice addition to downtown if it had a little neighborhood pub.

        1. They routinely post on their Facebook that there is no waiting. It doesn't seem like it used to be before the closing / new opening.