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May 27, 2014 03:19 PM

Where can I get the best Pho with good soup (less MSG) in Richmond area ?

Any suggestions ?

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  1. Not sure about MSG, but:

    If good pho means you come away with your clothes smelling of it, then Pho Lan.

    If good pho means a menu with unique choices, then Green Lemongrass.

    If good pho means frequented by HK celebrities, then Thai Son.

    If good pho means clean restaurant, then An Nam.

    If good pho means cheap prices, then Pho Han.

    My favourite is Pho Lan and Green Lemongrass.

    Does that help?

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      1. re: chowtimes

        Haha.. nice one. Must be Ben typing. I tend to go to green lemongrass myself because of location.

        Pho Lan and Thai Son has been disappointing the last couple of visits.

        Havent been to An Nam in about 3 years, but it was solid tending to a more neutral flavour profile. And I've not tried Pho Han.