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May 27, 2014 02:26 PM

Restaurant reception venue for 50-75 guests under 12k?

Hi all,

I just got married at the Marin County Courthouse and am looking for a place in San Francisco to have a dinner + dancing for friends and family to celebrate with us. We just want dinner, drinks, and dancing, with focus on good space and food for under 12k.

Does anyone know of restaurants that will allow Saturday night buy-outs in the city? Looking to have the event in September/October.


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    1. I think that many Restaurants would be interested. You should just call a couple you like and see.

      1. We just did this at Local Kitchen. About 60 people on a Saturday night. No dancing but otherwise fit your requirements.

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          When we were looking for a place, we used OpenTable to search for places that could accommodate our group -- it has a "private event" tab that you can use to search. Was a good place to get a list of possible venues.

          1. re: Jeff

            That's a better way to search than just trying to make a reservation the usual way. Most places that can handle large parties don't let you reserve for more than 4 or 6 using the regular UI.

        2. Le Colonial has large private rooms, food is decent, and the lounge space turns into a club at night. Been to a wedding reception there for about your size, and it worked well and was relatively inexpensive.

          Beretta can accommodate 40 in their private dining room (so you don't have to buy-out the whole place). Not sure about the dancing.