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May 27, 2014 02:22 PM

Tap Beer Store Avenue U

Teis a Tap Beer Store now on Avenue U, just East of the Q Train Station.

That is East 19th Street And Avenue U.

They have some of those Craft Beers that are everywhere, such as Shock Top but also have delicious Russian and Eastern European beers, and some German brews too.

The man behind the counter the night I had just popped in to take a look, spoke limited very limited English.

Just know that there are 2 sizes that use plastic containers.

Check the website for prices and beer brew names...

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  1. Just know that Shock Top is produced by Anheuser Busch....There are about a dozen new breweries in the city and surroundings and you're still recommending places that sell Stella and Carlsberg.

    Beer Boutique in W'burg has the same proprietary tapping system and PET bottle growlers, not too mention one of the most interesting taplists in the city. But I can't guarantee your safety if you go there. You might need to wear aluminum foil on your head to protect yourself from all the evil marketing waves and high school memories that are confusing you.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      "Beer Boutique in W'burg has the same proprietary tapping system and PET bottle growlers"

      I am assuming the plastic bottles used by the ethnic Russian, who runs the Avenue U shop are unorthodox?

      I disagree with using petro derived plastic. Only if they could return to the uses of bio-material.

      I prefer glass bottles or growlers myself.

      1. re: jonkyo

        You are missing the point...yet again.

        1. re: jonkyo

          What's wrong with petroleum? Its all natural and completely organic. Used to bubble out of the ground in places like Pennsylvania like water from an artesian well.

          1. re: Bkeats

            i hear its a key ingredient in La Brea [Tar-pits] Bakery's brown bread.

            1. re: Bkeats

              What's wrong with petroleum?

              Ask someone from the soon to be disappeared nation of Kiribati.

              A former co-worker of mine in New England, spent Peace Corp for 5 years there. I am wondering what he did for beer, or what they drank there.

              He remembers me with either coffee or a Nut Field Beer in my hand. Nut Field was my favored local beer there (New England that is). When Kiribati is under water, it will still be brewed.

              1. re: jonkyo

                For a master of the written word, its interesting how irony seems to sail right on past

                1. re: Bkeats

                  " sail right on past"

                  sails would be more organic than petro, due to the chemicals used to make petro derived things such as plastics. That is if the sails are canvas.

                  What is your favorite beer you would be willing to sail to?

                  Mine was an ale from a city on the French coast, across from the English Channel. Actually.

                  I have to look for that beer. I picked it up once at the Tesco near my home in Canada Water, but it was never shelved after that one time I bought it. So much for consistencies of the large supermarkets.

        2. Well I use sunglasses for Gamma Ray Blue.

          Cheery Red Records featured in my h.s., but I think I drank Hamms and Bud then.

          One only has to watch out for the Cleaners From Venus.