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May 27, 2014 01:28 PM

something near Lincoln Center maybe on 10th tapas / wine bar/ ethnic ?

Heading in Friday night looking something nice and small around Lincoln Center away from Broadway and the Circle before show. Going to Boulud Sud for Dessert after the Ballet. I know the usual. Looking for someone 's secret?

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  1. Andananda on 69th and Bway. I don't know if it is a secret, but it isn't usually very crowded.

      1. A bit south on w52nd and 9th, but xai xai has some interesting south african wines and small plates

        Casuella is around there too- but i would get there early since they can get very busy.

        1. Salumeria Rosi is excellent, not too far away, and cozy. Make a reservation. It's not very big.

          1. Something small, somewhat unknown on 10th -- INTI Peruvian