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May 27, 2014 12:45 PM


Our group will be a Skirball for a ceremony on a Friday in June and want to head to a happy hour on the the Westside around 4pm.
I need suggestions on the Westside but not too far from the 405. Many people come from south of LAX so keeping it central without hitting too much traffic on a Friday afternoon would be a plus. Also needed is good prices on food, drinks and most important-- a private area (doesn't have to be a room) for us to mingle. We will be celebrating and we can be a bit boisterous. A variety of ages, but economy is the key.
The group wanted to go to the Marina, but that drive will take nearly 45 min at that hour.
Can you suggest somewhere that's reasonable, easy access and easy parking?

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  1. Check with the Bel Air Bar + Grill and see what they can do for you.

    1. There are a number of pretty fun happy hours in Westwood Village. I like The Glendon, personally, that's where my co-workers go to celebrate the completion of a project. They have a "mezzanine" section -- sort of like a loft -- where they can host a private group.

      1. West at the Hotel Angelino is just next door and has great views and open space. Could be fun.

        1. Bel Air B & G is probably not large enough for your group but close and worth a shot.
          SF Saloon or Upper West, both on Pico, would likely work out.

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            re: SF saloon
            although i haven't been there in years, unless you've made some special accomodation, i don't see a group of 40 descending on them a friday night without warning as being a very good idea.

            with a group of 40, on a friday night, it would be a good idea to make reservations/accomodations almost anywhere you go.
            also, don't be shocked if many places are not willing to extend happy hour prices to a group such as yours on a friday night.

            1. re: westsidegal

              At 4 in the afternoon, even on a Friday, they would have SF Saloon to themselves in all likelihood.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  Maybe not, but they can take over the whole west end of the place and it's first come, first served there so once they have their tables they can occupy them as long as they want.

            1. re: mc michael

              Vibrato is great and not too far, but NOT inexpensive or a place to be boisterous.