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May 27, 2014 12:43 PM

do cuisinarts ever die

i'd like a new one. bigger, stainless, with a wider feed tube, but my 7 cup old fashioned white base model is still going strong. after like 12 years. and although a bigger bowl and a wider feed tube would be nice......i really don't NEED one. especially when i have a perfectly good one that's showing zero signs of old age.

i could send it to our tiny place on the cape, where cookware and appliances go before they're put out to pasture. but space is precious, i love my blender, and i have never once thought "jeez, i wish i had a cuisinart."

not really sure what the point is. but seriously, what is the life span of a cuisinart?

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  1. Do they die? I seldom see it.

    I;ve got a long time "pass me down" Cuisinart that is a 1990's model with a JCPenny stamp on oddly .
    Not used daily but it is an industrial bit of machinery.
    I mean like "take a digit off and in an instant" torque monster.

    I use it when I need big batch stuff, but use smaller processors doing smaller batch cooking.

    The older one's hold up well. Not pretty, but still a hoss. :-)
    I doubt the newer units will have the same lifespan is my guess.

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      I always laugh at my Mom's Cuisinart. It must be the floor model, because it has a sticker on it that says 'pick me up, feel my quality.' And it's a quality sticker cause it's still stuck fast 30 years later.

    2. The newer ones don't seem as good. They used to be made in Japan I think and now are from China. Even 11c seems small to me, I kind of wish I got the 14c. And the feed tube still is small, unless I don't understand the safety lock out.

      1. I don't understand why someone would get rid of one that works just fine?? Bought a very basic model several years ago. When I found another one at a THRIFT STORE (clean, worked, had all the blades) for $ I jumped on it... thinking spare bowl! When I got it home realized it was one step larger than what I had... so I had TWO... smaller but NEWER on went on shelf in garage.

        Then last year in SAME thrift store I fand ANOTHER one, but this time with about 10-12 blades and IT ended up being even bigger capacity.

        All 3 are the "old fashioned", white, boxy base.

        1. The motors last a long time unless abused. They do have some vulnerable parts though. The tab on the feeder shoot has broken twice on my 7-8 y/o machine. It's a $30.00+ part on Amazon and not as beefy as the original.

          1. We have a little tiny one that we got as a wedding present 25 years ago; it still works great. Much as I lust after one of those big ones that all the recipes seem to assume you have I just can't justify spending anything with this one still churning along.