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May 27, 2014 08:33 AM

Mexican Bakery Novice- what to try?

I recently found an amazing Mexican bakery in my little midwest city. The place was beautiful and I was overwhelmed by the huge selection of pasteries, cookies, empanadas, etc - probably 100+ different items. Not being very familiar with Mexican baked goods, I stuck with a few things that looked somewhat familiar- i bought churros, something croissant-like (but with an interesting creamy filling), and a kind of thick, almost pudding-y cornbread that was amazing, along with a few tamales and some mole sauce. Everything I bought was great, but I'd love some suggestions on what to look for when I go back. The items were not labeled, so visual descriptions would be helpful. Thanks!

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  1. Wow that all sounds great. The Mexican bakeries I have been to had really dry product. Limited selection of sweet buns, sometimes with a lot of food coloring involved.

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      Seems like you live in Seattle so I'm not surprised. Hop aboard a "quick" flight to Houston, panaderias everywhere, but El Bolillo is the best. Check ou the selection.

    2. That does sound lovely.

      Growing up, my Mexican nanny would take me on the public bus once a week to buy conchas, a Mexican bread with a sugary crust: We would eat them in the park as a snack; they're not super sweet and I think would be great with a cup of coffee or tea.

      The only thing I currently seek out from Mexican bakeries are bolillo rolls: They are the perfect vehicle for any kind of sandwich you can come up with.

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        I definitely saw both of those there- thanks for the tip!

      2. Get the donuts if they have them.

          1. Capirotada, like a mexican bread pudding with raisins like this:

            See if they sell homemade corn tortillas- those are wonderful- but very perishable, so either eat asap or freeze them.
            Also check if they have menudo on sundays. I am so jealous about the tamales! The sweet corn ones are my favorite yet hard to find....

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                I've never seen it as an individual size....but it would be awesome to bring a whole cake for a summer picnic or bbq!

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                  It's quite common to see individual portions in restaurants and the many panaderias here in Houston.

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                      Lucky indeed! Panaderias, carnicerias, taquerias, taco trucks, tamale factories, Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants, plus ostionerias seemingly as far as the eye can see. We even have a neighbor that brings fresh tamales and flan to the door, at a very reasonable price.