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May 27, 2014 07:58 AM

Any reviews on Fish in Sausalito?
Planning my first trip to San Fran, this sounds like an interesting place, wondering if any Chowhounders have reviews?

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  1. If you do a search for "fish sausalito" you will find the following past threads:

    1. Lots of them:

      The restaurant has high quality seafood, but high prices to go along with. The service is very casual for those prices. You order and get drinks at the counter, tVEry hen they will bring the food out to your table. There is seating indoors and outside. The outdoor tables are directly on the marina, so you can watch the boats going by. Last time I was there it was cash only.

      Very beautiful seafood, mostly straightforward preparations, but some people seem to think that the prices are not in line with the casual service and atmosphere.

      1. I eat there EVERY time I am in the area, as a ritual, on the way from SFO to Sonoma. My wife and I love the place. The Vietnamese salmon sandwich, the spicy slaw, the tuna sandwich, and the grilled fish are perfectly prepared, perfectly fresh, and served with interesting sides and garnishes. I've never had a a bad meal there, and I've never had bad service. I speak with the owner when we come in, about twice a year, and find him engaging and informative. The soup is always good, as well, and the wine choices are fine. Expensive? Yes, perhaps, compared to operations that are not serving line-caught, renewable fish that is so very fresh.

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          Does the owner ever comment on his new place in Kenwood ?

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            Could you please provide a name so I may look it up.

            Thank you.

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            my impression, after several very satisfying visits to Fish -- the folks who find the prices objectionably high would have a very very difficult time finding another place with the variety of seafood of comparable freshness, quality, local provenance, and portion sizes at comparable prices within 10 mi. of SF. some places can match the freshness and provenance for a few items, and diners adapt accordingly. we had a delicious grilled halibut collar with house made, fresh linguine -- very good grilled fish collar can be found in Japanese eateries of course, but not in this portion size with all of the glorious collagen.

          3. I like their fish & chips since they use halibut.

            1. I've eaten there many times. My only criticisms--other than the cooks' love affair w. cilantro, which sickens me--are the less than comfy seating and sometimes the cold.

              It's probably the only place other than CP I eat that I really trust re organics and sustainability. My recent, first-of-the-season salmon was unbelievably delicious and, at around $26, a fair price. All such items come on either salad or pasta.

              I particularly like the fact that the boat's name is usually right next to the item on the blackboard.

              Last time I'd forgotten cash only but was able to use an ATM inside the restaurant.

              Good. sharable cookie!.