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May 27, 2014 07:39 AM

Cheap American Beers, Ranked

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  1. Coors? Really? The stuff tastes like a can of condemned biscuit dough.

    They nailed Yuengling, though.

    1. Ranked by a Bostonian who appears in his twenties. This goes into the "so not going to forward" bin.

      Remember when cheap equaled local as the shipping costs were lower? And no Coors product east of the Mississippi River?

      1. wonder how long it took him to sample all these and the notion that Miller High Life is one of the worst beers in the world automatically makes this list a joke. its quite obviously one of the best worst beers around! and theres no beer I like better when Im not interested in a beer that would otherwise be described as good...

        and anyway by far the best "bad beer" review is at which left me in tears more than once.

        1. He got this much right: Utica Club and Narragansett in the top 4.

          Never thought I would have a reason to travel to Minnesota.

          1. I was disappointed because there was no mention of Steel Reserve, the cheapest high of them all.