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May 27, 2014 07:14 AM

Two great meals this weekend, both firsts

Had the pleasure of eating with my wife at Cured on Friday night and Hot Joy on Sunday. Both places everything we ordered was delicious, great service. Will be back to both.

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  1. Agree with you on both being among the best new places in SA. My only Hot Joy gripe is parking, then again, our last visit was on a first Friday...ended up about four blocks away-nice walking the KW neighborhood regardless.

    1. I can imagine First Friday's would be difficult. We had no problem finding parking. It was fun, they were playing the Spurs game outdoors at The Friendly Spot, so we stopped and had a beer, place was packed.
      Beautiful homes in the neighborhood, amazing how many are in fantastic shape.

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        Since we were in SA for less than 24 hours, we weren't in the position to dine at either restaurant but I wanted to thank you for the tip on the Friendly Spot. We stopped by their last night as they were filling up for the Spurs game. People were so nice and the place was SRO... beer was icy cold!