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May 26, 2014 10:49 PM

Upcoming Price Increase for Matos St. George Cheese (Santa Rosa)

Today's public service announcement: Ex-factory price for Matos St. George cheese (Azorean style, raw cow's milk) will increase to $9 per pound on June 1.

What's kind of cool is that the handful of people I've shared this with so far have all said, "It's about time!" The feeling has been universal that we haven't been paying enough for this product.

Joe Matos Cheese
3669 Llano Road
Santa Rosa 95407

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  1. Totally worth the price, and always best when purchased straight from the source. Their cheese is a highlight of the not-always-apparent Bay Area Portuguese (Azorean) culinary heritage.

    1. Saturday was my first chance to return to Matos and speak with the granddaughter. She only charged us $8 per pound for our two hunks. She alerted us that the price will likely be increasing to $10 per pound after the first of the year.

      The spelling of the cheese's name has been changed to the Portuguese, St. Jorge. Here's the new label. The ingredients list fresh raw milk with heat-treatment . . . I wonder what that means.

      1. There are different methods of pasteurization.
        "…(raw milk) pasteurisation (e.g. ‘high temperature short time’ pasteurisation where the milk is maintained at a temperature of 71-74°C for 15-40 seconds), sterilisation (110-120°C for 10-20 minutes) and ultra-heat treatment (UHT) (135-140°C for 6-10 seconds)."


        "Controversy over raw-milk cheese likely coming to a head"
        THE KANSAS CITY STAR 09/29/2014

        Raw-milk cheese has been in the news over the last couple months. The Food and Drug Administration has been reviewing its raw-milk standards for cheese for the last several years, and many think it will soon make a decision that will affect the small artisan cheese producers in the United States and Europe.

        The most recent dustup has come by way of a hold by the FDA on imports from Europe of certain cheeses it deemed unfit for consumption.
        (Full article:

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          However, it is not labeled as pasteurized. It is sold as a raw milk cheese by its distributor, Cowgirl, so I'm interested in knowing what kind of heat treatment is applied. It could be thermalization, pasteurization or something else.