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May 26, 2014 09:24 PM

One night in bangkok

Actually downtown Phoenix at Westin. Any tasty Mexican or other southwestern food and drink close?

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  1. ..and the worlds your oyster

    lol thats a good one for getting stuck in your head

    1. Nothing in easy walking distance. Some folks are keen on Carolina's and Rito's, which are probably the nearest options. Rito's closes at 4:00, and Carolina's isn't exactly a dinner-and-drinks sort of joint; so, I'm not sure either of those will work for you.

      Gallo Blanco, which is about 3 miles from the Westin, might fit the bill, though. You can get there in around 10 minutes by cab, or 25-30 minutes by light rail and foot.

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      1. re: hohokam

        Thanks for the tips.
        Anything non Mexican close to Westin?

        1. re: jessejames

          Here's a list of my walking distance picks (sorted by distance from the Westin):

          'Pomo Pizzeria (brilliantly done Neapolitan pizza, lasagne, antipasti. Wine and beer for sure. Not sure about cocktail scene)

          Blue Hound Kitchen (New American, mixological cocktails)

          Pizzeria Bianco (Legendary artisan pizza. Wine/beer only)

          Nobuo at Teeter House (Modern/upscale Japanese. Wine, beer, some cocktails)

          Other nearby options:
          Public Market Cafe (Healthy and homey offerings. Beer, wine, cocktails)

          The Breadfruit and Rum Bar (Refined take on Jamaican cuisine. Seriously impressive rum selection, plus classic and inventive rum cocktails)

          Cibo (yet more pizza)--10-12-minute walk from the Westin.

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            hoho-very appreciated. thanks for taking the time.

            1. re: hohokam

              Breadfruit is fantastic. Dark black and peppery chicken fricasse. Jerk scallops size of hockey pucks. Rum cocktails and flights of rum. Friendly service for solo diner. What a gem of a restaurant thanks!

              1. re: jessejames

                Thanks for reporting back. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your meal.

        2. Very good Mexican at Comedor Guadalajara about 2 miles south of the Westin on S. Central. Don't walk as you go through some sketchiness down there.

          hohokam hit the highlights in the area.

          New highly anticipated bar opening up this week is Bitter and Twisted in the Luhr building across from the Palomar hotel.

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          1. re: BillB656

            thanks bill -- that rum joint sounds great and something I can't get in la--I'll look into comedor too. your Mexican is just a different kind of delicious compared to socal.